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Fencing is a structure that is made up of different types of wires and nets that are used to cover a structure or area. Fencing on the property has become very important so that no stranger can cross your private premises. There are various types of fencing available in the market that are used to cover different areas accordingly. Basically gi wire mesh is commonly used to secure the property. Following are the purposes that highlight the importance of this type of fencing:

  • The lining of boundaries: This is done with the purpose of being cost-effective and usually stays 5 feet above ground level. The space between the two fences is 10 to 20 feet and depends upon the customer’s requirements. This can be done with horizontal or diagonal designs.
  • Encroachment preventing: In order to prevent this fencing is important. The concreting is done on both sides in order to fix it properly. The recommended distance between the 2 is again 10-20 feet. These wire patterns are horizontal lines but diagonal lines can also be made.
  • Not allowing illegal occupation: In this, the fencing should be so much proper that no uncovered space shall be left. In the case left uncovered than some people might enter the premises and then some temporary or permanent arrangements can be made and once such structures are made it becomes very difficult to vacant the premises. Some people have also left their properties due to this. Normally difficult to remove fences are used in these cases. An example can be razor wire.
  • To restrict trespassing: In these cases, the height of fences plays an important character. The minimum height is 6 feet and can go to 12 feet. The iron posts can also be used in these. Rest the posts always depend upon the budgets of the customers. Razor wires can be used in order to cover the fence posts in order to avoid trespassing.
  • To have good looks: These are the structures that people look at while entering the homes. Various stunning options are available now in order to have a beautiful look. Picket and lattice fencing are the most popular under these categories. These are ideal for terraces, balconies and swimming areas. They also provide various color options. Fencing material price list in Chennai are the factors which help to decide which one to opt for and go with.
  • For sports: Fences are also used in various sports like cricket and tennis. In the tennis chain, link systems are used. The caretaking points are that the ball should not pass through or get stuck in between the fences. Welded mesh systems are used in basketball which looks attractive and helps in achieving the goals. In cricket, these are used to prevent the audience from entering the play area. In football, nets are used as goalposts and welded systems are used in boundary sections.
  • Stopping animal entry: Various animals can enter the premises and even try to destroy it. So in order to prevent the damage chain, link fences are used as they do not cause injury to the animals and hence prevent entry.


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