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Hats are very popular wear during the winter; they keep your head covered and warm. There is a broad range of hats in the market, but fur hats have been over the years a new winter trend. Apart from keeping you warm, these are very fashionable and comfortable to put on. The hats are made from mink fur, fox fur, rabbit fur, which is the real deal. Faux fur has also been in the spotlight for some time in the fashion world.

Real hats look very stylish and add glamor to one’s outfit. The hats have been there for a long time, mostly worn by wealthy Russian women in the past. This looks very feminine; thus many women from young to old have fallen in love with them. In Russia, there are different types of fur hats, such as the truth; a round fur hat made from sheepskin. It also has large flaps that cover the neck and shoulders, and two smaller ear flaps with straps to tie up under the chin.

Ushanka is a most recognized Russian winter hat which is thick and warm with ear flaps. The ear flaps are much longer than those on the truth and can be tied up under the chin for more warmth. When it is not so cold one can put the ear flaps on top of the head to avoid distraction. The hat has been a part of the Russian winter military uniform. The hats come in different colours and styles to suit every person’s taste. Kubanka is another famous Russian hat, an extremely fashionable accessory. It is a round hat with a flat top, made of soft karakul lambskin. Others are made from long furs, such as black fox. The hat remains fashionable to this day, and many Russian women have inherited them from their mothers. They can be worn with classical or flared overcoats, so long as the coats do not have a fur collar.

For you to have an outstanding look you can simply wear a fur hat. Some fashion industry offers a broad range of Real hats for women in addition to Russian style hats and casual winter hats in Fox, sheepskin, mink, rabbit, raccoon, and silver fox. The silver fox hat has a tail which adds to the good looks protecting your head during cold winters. The silver fox fur hats, ushanka is different from the fur cascading down the side of your head. Golden fox fur hats are also incredibly fashionable and stylish. You just need to make a choice, place an order and buy a fur hat at our online store.

The Russian fur hat styles are the best for women since they fit well on the head. Regardless of the weather, women want to look perfect and attractive; after all, they are still women.

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