5 Best Places For Sailing in Croatia

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Croatia is located between Central Europe and southern Europe, leaving it in a very interesting central location. The climate on its coasts is mainly Mediterranean, which makes it ideal for sailing at different times of the year.

Advantages of sailing in Croatia

The first thing you will discover when sailing in Croatia is the majestic landscape that intermingles naturally with the remains of the historical and architectural heritage that has been carefully preserved.

The Dalmatian coast is the heart of the Adriatic Sea and offers navigators multiple islands to visit and beautiful areas to anchor.

Sailing in Croatia gives you the freedom to visit a different area every day, immerse yourself in history and different cultures. All this is summed up, in giving yourself this an unforgettable experience that you must live at least once in your life.

Thanks to a large number of islands and islets and the proximity they have to each other, touring them in a very short time is a real possibility.

Where to navigate in Croatia.

Croatia, in addition to having thousands of islands, has natural parks that can only be reached by boat. Below are five places for sailing in Croatia.

Drvenik Islands.

You can start this sailing trip sailing from Split, one of the best-known cities in the country. Once at sea, head towards the Drvenik Islands, a lonely but charming island with turquoise waters.

Vis Island – Komia.

Vis is a place where peace and harmony reigns. It is the perfect place to relax and forget everything that has bothered you at some time.

There you can also find renowned Stiniva Creek. And very close there, at the opposite end, you can visit Komia, a typically Mediterranean town with narrow alleys and little houses at the foot of the sea.

Proizd – Vela Luka.

From a typical fishing village, set course for the beautiful island of Proizd near Korcula. Those who visit it fall in love with its crystalline waters and its lush vegetation.

Then head to Vela Luka, where there is one of the most important ports in the area, and it is a beautiful island surrounded by numerous islets and small coves where you will enjoy the Mediterranean breeze.

Lastovo – Mljet Island.

From this paradise full of possibilities to explore, embark on a trip to Lastovo, an unspoiled island with crystalline waters and coves everywhere. Those passionate about marine life often visit it because of the great variety of species on its seabed.

From there head towards the island of Mljet, famous for its extensive National Park with intact nature and multiple lakes, a beautiful area to anchor and spend the night.

The adjacent marinas and the magnificent sea, are a real paradise for sailors and lovers of the deep sea.

Hvar – Paklinski Islands – Milna – Split

Right in front of Hvar are the Paklinski Islands, a set of 21 wooded islands with a turquoise blue sea, hidden beaches and deserted lagoons only accessible by boat.

The adjacent marinas and the magnificent sea, are a real paradise for sailors and lovers of the deep sea.

In conclusion,

This Mediterranean country with crystal clear waters has a lot to offer you. The best thing about sailing in Croatia is to have the privilege of seeing its landscapes that have been preserved in a natural way.

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