Selective Soldering in Assembling Printed Circuit Boards

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Selective soldering method is a variant of wave soldering. It is highly useful for soldering PCBs. Manufacturers or assemblers use this soldering method for the PCBs that are assembled partly or even entirely with through-hole components. With the help of selective wave soldering machines, nitrogen inerting is standard, and the solder pot is made with titanium material to prevent or resist the corrosive effects of aggressive lead-free solder alloys.

Selective soldering machine China

Why Selective Soldering?

Selective soldering is nothing but a process of choosing soldering components to PCBs. This type of soldering method helps printed circuit boards that could be damaged by the heat of a reflow oven and or wave soldering in a traditional SMT or surface-mount technology. It is also known as the through-hole technology assembly process. It usually follows a surface-mount technology oven reflow process. The process should be sufficiently precise to avoid damaging the PCBs.

These days, double-sided printed circuit boards use surface mount technology. These types of PCBs are the most common type of circuit boards, as they allow for smaller, more manageable, faster, lighter, as well as more complex products by providing twice the space to build on compared to the traditional through-hole technology.

Moreover, it requires a printed circuit board to be soldered by way of the selective method as opposed to the wave soldering method; due to the reason selective soldering is more common these days.

Advantages of Selective Soldering

Selective Soldering: Advantages

Modern medical monitoring devices or equipment require complex internal electronic assemblies. Therefore, selective wave soldering comes into play. Because of its inherent process flexibility, this soldering method is used successfully for soldering a wide range of PCB assemblies. It has several distinct advantages, including:

• With the help of selective wave soldering, process optimization is obtained quickly and securely.
• Selective wave soldering ensures reliable solder joints without the overheating PCB components.
• If you use selective solder, your process reproducibility is guaranteed.
• You can eliminate the use of experience aperture wave solder masks and or pallets.

The availability of highly miniaturized, low-powered devices, as well as specialized communication protocols, has shown new ways for doctors to monitor and manage chronic conditions. Even they deliver medication does. In this case, selective soldering machines offer easy and quick programmability with options for both in-line and offline programming.

Selective soldering machines are used not only to assemble printed circuit boards but also used to assemble a large number of medical devices. The medical world is seeing a significant increase in machines or equipment and patient interaction. It means there are large, easy-to-use displays as well as switches, many of which are dependents on selective wave soldering.

A high standard soldering machine can solder high-pin count components without the heat or other damages. If you are looking for high-quality selective wave soldering machines for PCB assembly, look no further than VennTek Soldering. With the brand Sasinno, they combine best soldering experts from Asia and Europe. If you want to enjoy innovative and steady technology, VennTek Soldering can be your choice.

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