Reasons For Setting Up A Marriage Bureau

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Setting up a marriage bureau is a very lucrative business now.  Let us look at the reasons which make it so.

Match-making is considered to be a serious business today. In fact with paucity of time and work pressures leaving very little time for socializing, today, more and more Indians are opting to register themselves with marriage bureaus in order to find a good life partner.

This has created a space or lacunae wherein there is a gap between the demand for matchmaking services and the supply for the same as provided for by the currently operating matrimonial services in Delhi and elsewhere. Thus there is always room for more at least in this sphere of business.

While the matrimonial market does not ensure overnight success, for the serious players, success comes slow but with a strong foundation or base which ensures its continuity. This is the services sector wherein the better the services, the better is the success rate.

In fact today, in India, there is a huge market available for setting up matrimonial services. There are several reasons which point towards the fact that this sector of the services industry has the potency to monetize the current situation. Some practical observations and arguments in its favor are:

  • Population: With a population which is said to be the fastest-growing, the matrimonial market in India is also one of the fastest-growing. Coupled with the fact that India has the 2nd largest population in the world, makes India a very lucrative market where matrimony is concerned. Thus it can be safely predicted that there will be a steady growth of eligible candidates who needs to be serviced year on year. This increases the chance of success especially for matrimonial services in Delhi NCR and other parts of northern India.
  • Youth base: According to a UN report published in the year 2018, India is a country with the world’s largest population of youths. This directly converts into potentials for an organized matrimonial marketplace. In fact, an educated youth also means more inter-mixing of ideas and communities thereby bringing about a high potency of growth in the marriage market.
  • Sex Ratio: India is also famous for having a sex ratio wherein there are more grooms than brides. This mismatch in the demand and supply of brides further add up to validate the set-up of a matrimonial service.
  • Caste and religion: The complicated caste system and the variety of religions found here further add to the need for matrimonial services. In fact, the ability to cater to the specific needs of the niche markets of caste and religion further provides much more scope for small and medium marriage bureaus to succeed.
  • NRI Market: The NRI market is another niche whose matrimonial needs are yet to be properly serviced by the matrimonial services present in India. Thus this scattered, ready to pay sector of the marriage market is another aspect which can provide scope for huge success especially for an NRI marriage bureau set up to cater exclusively to NRIs. Of course, this is a premium customer who is ready to pay for premium services and thus has the ability to generate huge revenue for the matrimonial service set up provided they are able to cater to the demands of the same.

With ample scope, the matrimonial market is definitely one which needs more serious-minded people to set up full-time shops. The lacuna which is currently present between the demand and supply is a definite indication that success is a surety for people setting up marriage bureaus in India.

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