At the Front Has the WW2 German Field Gear You’ve Been Looking For

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Collecting accurate and authentic WW2 German Field Gear can be expensive and it can be fairly difficult to locate the pieces you want. Searching for originals has become an exercise in extreme expense, both in time and in financial resources. Then there is the issue of authentication and validation, not to mention the fact you can do little with an original issue piece of field gear besides display and preserve it. Then the chase becomes one for reproductions, but even they can be difficult to find and expensive. Even so, when you find a decent seller, they rarely have a wide selection of offerings because of the expense of creating accurate reproductions.

If you’ve ever encountered any of these problems you’re in luck because there is a supplier from which you can get extremely accurate reproduction WW2 German field gear, almost unequivocally created from reference to original pieces that they have on hand. That seller is At the Front – and not only are these pieces of field gear accurate in their construction, but they offer an impressive selection of German field gear, the likes of which are difficult or completely impossible to find elsewhere. In short, their gear is without competition not only because of their quality but because of their unsurpassable quality.

You’ll never again have to search fruitlessly through the ranks of unhelpful internet pages for WW2 German field gear like packs, bags and carriers, weapons like bayonets and the frogs to carry them, or mess gear like canteens. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg with what you can get in terms of field gear from At the Front. Whether you are into reenactment or are building a collection of reproductions, you could outfit an entire reproduction German regiment with the field gear at At the Front.

If you need tools, At the Front has you covered. You’ll find their German Entrenching tool and Original, not reproduced, German Folding Shovels along with carriers and sheaths for these models. They offer the German K98 Bayonet and several frogs for portage. If you’re building a collection of German field medical supplies, At the Front offers a reproduction German Medic Pouch. They even offer a collection of Zelts for setting camp in the field. They have a full line of reproduction ammo pouches, packs and bags, and even mess equipment. They offer mess kits, canteens, canteen straps, and canteen cups. It doesn’t really matter what component of your collection of WW2 gear you’re working on building up because At the Front can help outfit you with what you’ve been looking for.

Also, if you need more than just WW2 German field gear, At the Front can cover you there as well. They offer American and German reproductions including the field gear mentioned, as well as uniforms and other clothing, footwear, hardware, and other items.

It isn’t just the completeness of the offerings from At the Front that is so awesome, but their commitment to quality and authenticity. As stated, the vast majority of the reproductions they offer are made in house using original pieces or several original pieces for reference. The only alterations they make are typically invisible ones that slightly enhance the quality of the reproduction over the original piece. Therefore you can rest assured in both the quality and the accuracy of the pieces you’ll find in the ranks from At the Front. Beefing up your collection of authentic WW2 uniforms and equipment has never been so easy it will be with At the Front at your disposal, so make a visit to today.

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