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Skoda brand is a no-nonsense brand

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Skoda is a wonderful car brand that started its journey as manufacturer of bicycles. Loaded with plenty of clever features, the brand does not compromise on your safety and comfort.


The Skoda is a Czech brand and is one of the longest-standing cars manufactures. Do you know it is holding a RAC rally record of 17 years in a row? RAC rally is the UK’s most demanding rally for classic rally cars

Although owned by Volkswagen, it is versatile, cheap and spacious than VW. If you are planning to buy a Skoda car for yourself then your investment is worth it!

Why Skoda?

Skoda has been successful in maintaining itself as the best luxury car brand with high affordability. The car brand is popular for practical features and impressive designs that gives it an impressive presence on road.  The brand initially got popular by its great presence in the world of cycling. Volkswagen or Audi was not involved in cycle team vehicles.

Ever since it started manufacturing cars, its reputation was in tatters.

Today it is a no-nonsense brand!

  • Skoda makes all the W Group’s EA211 1.2 and 1.4 TSI engines and the various engines and transmissions are shared between the VW group divisions.
  • Skoda cars, which are easy to maintain and have more brand value, unlike Volkswagen.
  • All the Skoda models (Superb, Octavia, Rapid, Kodiaq) have excellent speed, safety features, comfort-assist features, powerful engines, and will surely stand the test of time.
  • Today Skoda has higher brand value than VW, Audi, BMW, and other rivals.


Why Skoda cars are simply clever?

The Skoda car manufacturer uses the tagline – “Simply clever”. But does the company really stand for this tagline?


As per various experts, customer testimonials and online reviews, the Skoda car manufacturer ensure simply clever features in all Skoda cars. Some of the features that make your driving smooth and gives you an immersive driving experience are:

  • Central infotainment system with a 6.5-inch color touch screen
  • Hands-free parking
  • Capacitive technology
  • Mud-flaps on wheels
  • Rear window screen defogger with timer
  • Jumbo boxes for keeping cup or other stuff while driving
  • Dual front airbags and side airbags,
  • Shopping bag holders and door handles
  • Availability of engine in both petrol and diesel variants

Are you an eco-friendly person?

Well, you must be wondering, what is the connection with eco-friendliness here. Right?

Skoda manufacturer builds 1 of their own pellet heating plants and plants one tree for every car sold in the Czech Republic. So you can drive without any guilt of damaging the environment.  What can be better than this?

Skoda cars are packed with plenty of clever features. If you are contemplating buying one, then check out for Skoda Showroom Near me on Google and visit for a test drive.  Take a test drive and find out if you get a pleasant driving experience.

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Global Motocorp LLP is most preferred Skoda Authorized dealer in Kolkata, India. You can visit the website to book a test drive and also walk into the showroom to know more about the cars on display and about all the services offered to make your journey of purchasing a new car like a smooth ride.

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