Innovations That Are Expected In Smartphones In The New Year 2021

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In the last five years, the smartphone industry has evolved leaps and bounds in terms of innovation and usage of advanced technology. Such an amalgamation of innovation and technology has made it possible for smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi to develop futuristic devices with smart designs like – notched phones, foldable handsets, etc.

Entering into the second decade of 2000, one can expect that the year 2021 will bring along several new and enhanced innovations in both budget and premium smartphone segments. To gain a better insight into it, one may check out the upcoming 5G mobile and other improved smartphone models in 2021. It will come in handy to analyse whether the expected features meet one’s expectations or not.

Expected Innovations in 2021 – A brief

Individuals can expect the following innovations in smartphone models introduced by some of the top brands in 2021 –

  • 5G technology

Contrary to popular belief, 5G is not an evolution of the 4G network. Instead, it is a new mobile network system. One can expect 5G to be fast, reactive, and an effective means of lowering cost and energy consumption. It will encourage more individuals to look forward to the upcoming 5G mobile phone launches in India.

  • Fast charging devices

In 2021, one may expect to witness smartphones with up to 100-watt fast charging features. Such innovation will make it possible to charge a 4000 mAH battery in less than 17 minutes. Individuals who had used Oppo’s Reno 4 Pro have already had a good experience of such fast charging as the handset already has a 65w fast charger.

  • In-built Gimble setup

As the number of vloggers and photographers is increasing, one can expect that more phones in 2021 will be equipped with in-built Gimble setup. Such technology will allow users to avoid jitters in their video without using a Gimble separately. Smartphone models like Samsung Note 20 Ultra already have such an in-built feature for handier use. 

To gain an idea about how leading brands are going to upgrade their existing specs and bring new innovations, one may find out the upcoming mobile launches as well. 

Upcoming smartphones for 2021 and their specs

  • iPhone 13 series (Expected price – Rs.89,990)

The successor of iPhone 12 is expected to be launched in 2021. As per reports, iPhone 13 will differ a lot than its predecessors in terms of design and technology.

Some expected specs accompanying iPhone 13 are –

  • It can be a portless model with a lightning connector.
  • Touch Id may be placed on the display or the power button.
  • Potential 4-camera array and LiDAR.
  • Galaxy S21 (Price – Yet to be announced)

This device is expected to launch in 2021 with three line-ups, namely – Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra. Consumers can expect this upcoming premium device to carry –

  • A 6.3-inch wide-angle display with a centred punch.
  • Android 11 with Exynos 2100 chipset for international buyers.
  • An 8GB RAM mobile phone with 128GB internal storage.
  • Triple primary cameras 12MP, 64MP, and 12MP and a 10MP selfie camera.

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