Solving Real Problems with Data Analytics

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Half of the world’s wealth belongs to the top 1% of global population. Top 10% of the adults in the world own 85% wealth and top 30% own 97% of the net wealth of the world. These figures would really speak volumes to any sensible person about the inequality in terms of the distribution of income in this world. So, who cares if the use data analytics can help a rich conglomerate print some more bills? Yes, a lot of us do because we need jobs and capitalism has us by the collar. Some of us like it too. Do not worry; this is not an article on disadvantages of worldwide capitalism. What we want to figure out here is that whether data analytics can play a part in decreasing inequality and human suffering.

Apparently, it can.

The advancements in medical services

This has to be the area wherein data analytics has really brought about a revolution or at least promises of it. Google used search data to predict Influenza activity in 25 countries. That was back in 2008 and millions of people can swear by their lives that it had worked. The programme was named the Google Flu Trends. Yes, there are more trends that need to be detected other than shopping trends in happy customers. Anyway that also is predicted with the help of data analytics.

The more important point under this segment would be that with the help of machine learning diagnosis has become easier, cheaper, faster, and more accurate. More ever, in some cases the patients do need to be physically present to be diagnosed. This might not work at all times at present. But this is definitely step towards democratizing of medical services – as it will reach the more remote and poor parts of the globe.

Optimization of the education process

Data analytics makes it possible to assemble and analyze extremely large volumes of data related to the students’ performance in academics and in other fields. Not only does this allow the faster and more accurate assessments of the students’ academic progress and areas of difficulties at a personal level but it also helps predict the best career options for the students.

The last say about their career should always belong to the students but their thought should rather be driven by data analyses than social constructs or peer pressure.

For those of you out there looking to do some good for the earth, join a data analytics course today. You need this to succeed. 

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