Some Essential Things to Bear in Mind before Attempting for Kilimanjaro Climbing

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Mount Kilimanjaro is said to be the Africa’s most majestic and highest mountain. It can give you a lifetime adventure if you are a trekking lover. Kilimanjaro Climbing can be a memorable experience if you are physically fit to mount the snow covered mountain. But, there are certain and essential things to bear in mind prior to attempting for this climbing. This article gives you a clear picture of what to consider and what not.

Know Kilimanjaro weather condition

Since Kilimanjaro is near to the equator, Tanzania doesn’t experience substantial transformation in temperature, but dry and wet seasons. Thus, it is feasible to climb this mountain all throughout the year. Here, the rainy season takes place from Feb to May, whereas the region experienced short rainfall from Nov to Dec.

Even June and July are considered as the most popular climbing months with clear blue skies all through the cool season than Aug to Oct when the climate is temperate. Here, Jan is possibly the warmest of months to climb the mountain and so many people prefer to climb on the New Year.

Training required for Kilimanjaro climbing

The mountain isn’t truly demanding and it doesn’t require any specialized equipment and training. However, this makes wisdom to encompass certain physical preparation to your routine making most of your climbing experience. Now, the best training you can do here is trekking hills. Other than that running, cycling and swimming is great means that enhances your overall fitness level and workout to develop your potency.

Know about altitude sickness

One major difficulty you can encounter while trekking the mountain is the altitude. This is for extreme case when trekker experience some sort of discomfort like appetite loss, headache, nausea. However, this can be cured by intaking adequate water. In addition, you can combine Tanzania and Kenya safari together to make the most of your adventure tour Africa.

Why need guides and porters?

You mustn’t ignore the importance of porters and guides as play important role in assisting you attain the summit. You can focus on your climbing rather than carrying your loads. Having a porter by your side won’t let you worry about the additional weight to carry on.

What Zanzibar Beach Holiday has to offer?

Zanzibar Beach Holiday offers much for holiday makers who want to make the most of their tour. Within few days, you can explore the tallest mountain in Africa, Africa’s largest lake, largest volcanic caldera and famous national parks. All these fabulous attractions are centered here that offers you with superfluous overview of the entire continent. It is suitable for novice tourists and seasoned traveler as there are numerous species of flora and fauna waiting to be explored.

The final say!

Even, the most famous beaches are a must to visit for all travelling hoping to experience the stunning options populated with wild nature. You can opt for the largest intact volcanic caldera that is a breathtaking option offering highest density of wildlife. Finally, you can visit Mt Kilimanjaro which is the tallest mountain and Lake Victoria which is the largest lake in the Northern region.

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