Some Important Features You Have To Know About Concertina Fencing.

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Concertina Fencing is a combination of thronged and razor wires as enormous curls which can be additionally extended as a trapped concertina. These wires or curls are essentially utilized for the military reason for framing wired impediments. Shiva Engineering is one of the most settled assembling organizations in the generation of security divider links and various kinds of wires. We have a wide involvement in the creation of wires and curls going on for quite a long while. Shiva Engineering is a 30 Years Experienced Manufacturer of Concertina Coil, Razor Wire, Concertina Fencing, Concertina Wire, and Concertina Fencing in India.

Flat Razor Wires for Concertina Fencing are to be introduced first. To do this, take one finish of your razor wire and connect it safely to a corner post prop. Stretch your wire on a straight line and bind it to each prop until the whole border is secured. Do these two additional occasions so as to finish the three-parallel-wire establishment. After this, introduce the Concertina wires by tying each loop onto the introduced parallel wires. Ensure that each curl keeps running from the base to the highest parallel wire. Do this until the whole border is secured. Cut the razor wire on closes if necessary. For erection, a group of three to five would be prudent to deal with this activity. While introducing your Concertina wire, remember to guarantee your security and the wellbeing of those individuals working with you. Legitimate instruments, defensive apparatus, and verified stepping stools ought to be utilized.

They are the eminent maker of Concertina Coil, concertina loop producer, concertina wire, concertina wire maker, concertina fencing, Chain connection fencing, concertina curl fencing, punched tape concertina Coil, concertina spiked metal, razor wire, razor wire fencing, razor wire producer, PVC covered steel fencing in India. Concertina Fencing or concertina razor pointed tape is really remarkable and solid wire fencing for security reasons which is made of a Hot-plunged stirred sheet. It is useful for all of those regions where high security and unapproved section is limited, for instance, Airport, protection, fringe, security, and enterprises. It is purposely given over the divider along these lines if a man’s endeavor to experience will hurt or can’t navigate. Generally, a concertina circle joined to sharp razor is given over the divider or divider with level wires, no under 2.5 meters over the present ground level to make it irksome for a man or animal to cross easily.


  • Gauge (Diameter): 450 mm to 1050 mm (can be made by the need – check with the maker’s concertina circle detail)
  • Punched Tape Concertina Coils length: Around 8 to 10 running meter
  • Material: Hot plunge GI Wire (spring focus)
  • The thickness of Taped punch (Razor): 50 mm – it may change with maker specific
  • The most effective method to INSTALL A CONCERTINA COIL
  • To begin with, check the concertina circle material and assurance no rust and damage. Furthermore accurately check the idea of razor spiked tape and guarantee there is no cut, bend or turn.
  • For the most part, concertina loop wires are made of high elasticity. It should not be cut with the assistance of forceps.
  • The straight wire should be fixed to help gave on the divider where the concertina circle to be laid.
  • The straight wire ought to be fixed and clipped fittingly with the assistance.
  • Concertina loop ought to be settled fittingly on the assistance and assurance legitimate arrangement. Notwithstanding, concertina curl ought not to be clasped freely else it will hang at a segment of the regions on account of self-weight.
  • Fencing Coil bolster range should not be in excess of 5 meters.

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