Some of the Most Popular Adventure Sports in Bageshwar

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Some people are not trained enough for professional adventure sports such as river-rafting, Trekking, etc. Adventure sports enthusiasts are always in search of newer locations which fulfill their basic requirements to derive fun out of it. Folks prefer to perform these sports in a group. It adds more fun to it. Although there are a big number of solo adventure sports enthusiasts, it is good to get in touch with some sports club or an adventure loving group providing professional training and assistance at a small membership fee in case you are a newbie. There are a few good sports you could choose amongst. For example here are a few…

Valley Crossing
It is defined as moving from one point of a high valley to another by using a rope tied between the two points. European countries with crossed borders are the place of origin of this activity from where it has spread all over the world. Himalayan states in India are popular for valley crossing sports. There is some good sports equipment which makes the travel smoother from one end to another.

In this activity, the individuals have to wisely move and control the speeds so that he can make the optimum usage of his energy to complete the task. It requires training to the beginners in order to get rid of the fear of heights and learn how to use the equipment while crossing the valley. Once you get expert at it, you really start enjoying the birds-eye-view of the valley and the beautiful scenery.

River Rafting
This activity can be enjoyed in states like Uttarakhand on the rivers along the countryside. You need to be in free-flowing waters to enjoy the river rafting. The navigation is done on a raft which keeps moving ahead with the natural water currents and also has the ability to control the direction of your sailing. Even though it is exciting, you must have the safety equipment like life jackets on you while rafting so that in case the raft turns upside down you wouldn‘t get hurt or drowned. Plus you must never attempt such activities without having at least some basic formal training.

You need to have a passion to climb the difficult heights and conquer mountainous terrains to make this tiring activity sound exciting. Though it is a very popular activity amongst all types and groups of people, it takes a lot of physical stamina to complete this. Otherwise, it is the best way to get in touch with ancient places such as old temples, forts and heritage level monuments, etc. Usually, these trekking could be done on the weekends and small treks could also be done as a leisure activity in groups.

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