The Ways to Wear Women’s Sports Bra as a Top

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A sports bra is among the most preferred bras because of the comfort and fits it provides. This bra style is often favoured for running, working out and other sports activities. They provide support to your busts and pull up the busts to give them an attractive shape. The best thing about sports bras is that they do not leave marks when you remove them, which often happens with other bras. That is the reason why women prefer this bra type over others. If you have tried a women’s sports bra, we do not need to tell you how amazing it is. But if your closet has some attractive sports bras, you’ll be glad to know that they can be worn as a top—style all your stunning sports bras as a top with our stylist-approved tips. 

Wear it with a denim jacket

Denim jackets and sports bras go with each other so well. It can be your go-to attire for many occasions. Whether you want to head out to the grocery store or on an outing with your girlfriends, this look is perfect for all your casual outings. We have many celebrities and fashion bloggers slaying in their sexy sports bras with a jacket. You can wear this with your pair of denim or make a sexy choice with yoga pants and sneakers. You can go out with this look easily and stay in your comfort all day long. Prefer to keep your hair high in this attire or keep them loose for a more feminine look. 

Wear it under a sheer top 

Pairing a sports bra with high support under a sheer top is quite popular among women. You can pick a sexy sports bra with a criss-cross back and spaghetti straps so that it looks attractive when it is visible from your sheer top. The online fashion stores have a range of full and half sleeves sheer tops. You can style your favourite sports bra with a matching sheer top. Make sure that you do not pick colours that look too dainty and contrast each other. You may even pair a sheer jacket with the bra to get the ease of removing it wherever you want to. This attire is mostly suitable for your casual shopping outing or to take your dog out for a walk.

Wear it over the top, YES!

If you frowned your eyebrows after reading this, we get you! But this fashion trend has been seen on numerous fashion bloggers. Take your classic white shirt and wear it like a one-shoulder top. Wear the sports bra for women over the shirt and pair it with a pair of jeans and high heels. Part your hair from the middle and wear dark shade lipstick. You’ll be all set to rock the streets! You may carry this attire to many occasions like a cocktail party, your work or even on a date.

Did you see it? Your sexy sports bra doesn’t only deserve a place inside your top but is also worth showing off. There can be a lot more ways to wear your sports bra as a top. Explore and add your style to it.

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