Things to Consider Before Permanent Straightening

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Permanent straightening is something that can change your life. If you have made your mind to alter your look, there are many things you must know before transforming your look.

The most common reason that people go for smoothening or straightening is unmanageable hair.  It is annoying to deal with frizz and locks on the daily.  Straight hair is not only manageable but also gives a dashing look. You can easily pick any hairstyle with straight hair.

We can’t ignore the importance of straight hair but there are many things to consider before going for permanent straightening so that you don’t repent later. You must have toyed with straightener and chemical relaxers at home but they should be used once in a while. Perhaps, this could be one of the reasons for you to jump on permanent straightening.

  • Hair damage

Is your hair in a state of handling these kinds of treatments? Examine your hair strength. If you go for things like keratin treatment or smoothening, you can worsen the condition.

Though the quality of the product your hairstylist is using matters a lot but accept this fact that chemicals will be there in your treatment. Don’t be fooled away by fake promises.

After treatment, you can experience thinning of hair and even hair fall. But it all depends on your hair strength. If your hairstylist is concerned for you, he/she will tell you about this.

Well, don’t need to break your heart if your hair is damaged. Your hairstylists will fix them. You can go for straightening after repairing your hair.

  • Forget other hairstyle

You may not feel good about your curls right now but you are not going to have them again. Many girls repent after permanent straightening because they miss the natural texture of their hair. So think before you act.

If you want to keep the natural texture, go for semi-permanent treatment instead. After you have your hair straightened you will crave for curls, and jump to heating devices again. Remember you went for permanent straightening to get rid of heating tools.  Applying heat again to your hair means more damage.  It is fine to switch to other hairstyles occasionally but rest of the time you’ll have pin-straight hair.

  • Disclose your hair history

Yes, disclose your hair history before your hairstylist. Anyhow, your hairstylist will ask you all this. When you got your hair colored? Had you been to any treatment before? Are you experiencing hair fall? What product do you use for shampoo and conditioner? How often you use heating tools? You may get a piece of advice too.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your hairstylists because this is the most important step before starting any treatment. If your stylists cut the conversation and jump to the procedure, you can smell something fishy.

  • Make sure you are not obsessed

Sometimes we do things out of obsession and repent later. So make sure you really want straight air. Girls around you may have straight hair but if you feel confident in your natural hair, don’t go for straightening.

Clarity is very important before taking any decision. There are other treatments other than permanent straightening like smoothening, Keratin treatment, etc.Though the results are not long-lasting because they are semi-permanent treatments but the choice is yours in the end.

Permanent straightening in Lucknow

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