Things to include in a ticket for an event

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Organizing an event is surely not an easy task and this is why the role of an event manager is considered as one of the toughest jobs in the industry. From taking care of the food menu to make sure that there is an ample amount of space in the parking area, there are many things that one needs to take care of while organizing an event. But one of the most important and overlooked things in an event are tickets.

Tickets are the first point of contact between the visitors and the organizer and that’s why it is the best way to make a good first impression. This is why designing a good ticket for your event is very important. Otherwise, you will compromise with the success of your event. But do you know what to include in a ticket?

Let’s go through some of the most important things that you need to include in tickets.


The most basic thing that you should never forget to include in a ticket is the location of the event. If the visitors find it difficult to reach your event, then their experience will be hampered. You should always provide detailed information about the location of your event. In addition to the basic address, you can also provide information about the different ways to reach the event from a metro station, bus stand or railway station. If you want to go unique with adding a location in your ticket, then you can provide a small Google map in your ticket that should be clear enough to read.

Special attractions

If you are organizing an event that includes multiple performances and different attractions, then it will not be possible to include details about all the performances on a ticket. Most of the full-color ticket printing is very small and that’s why you can’t include every detail about your event in it. The best approach for designing tickets for such an event is to add special attractions only. If an international singer is coming to your event or if there is a dance performance by a very popular celebrity, then you should include it on your ticket. This will allow you to build interest for your event in the minds of the visitors.


In the rush of including everything on the ticket, many people forget to include the exact timing of the event on the ticket. Well, that can result in a disaster as you will end up assigning people to attend calls regarding the timing of the event. You should always mention the time at which your event is going to start and if possible, you should also mention when it is going to end. This will help the visitors to plan accordingly. You should always mention the timeliness that you can follow. If you want to provide detailed information, then you can mention at what time which performance or event is going to take place.

Logos and artwork

The main motive of organizing an event is to promote your brand and product or service. This is why it becomes important to include a log of your company. Custom ticket printing acts as one of the best tools of promotion and that’s why including a logo will help people to recognize your brand easily. If a specific business is not organizing the event then one can include an attractive artwork that represents the event through its color and design.

Designing an ideal ticket is an important part of an event. In addition to using good quality material and high definition, you should never forget to include the information mentioned above in a ticket.

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