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Things to know about EOT Crane Manufacturer in Mumbai before buying

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Mumbai is hailed as the economic capital of India. With a busy film industry that is second largest in the world, it sees a daily influx of numerous people from surrounding regions. It is the most advanced city in India with per capita income of Rs. 1,80,000. The city is thus a witness to large construction projects. From stadiums to large office buildings, EOT crane manufacturers in Mumbai manufacture cranes to satisfy every construction requirement.

Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Cranes are giant machines, and potential users must follow caution while buying one. They must be rigorously checked for all safety assessments and certifications before purchase. If you are a prospective buyer, learning a few things about them will help you make a well-informed decision. An informed decision will ensure that you buy and use the product safely ad profitably.

Learn about following things before buying EOT cranes in Mumbai  

There are many EOT crane manufacturers in Mumbai. Each manufacturer has different specifications on their products. The following tips will ensure that you buy the best and safest.

  1. Check load capacity: Overloaded cranes are highly dangerous. If they collapse, lives of labourers and workers stand at high risk. Some individuals have the misconception that all hoists are equipped with overload protection. The truth is that only chain rope hoists are mandated with an overload sensor mechanism while wire rope hoists are not. Therefore, you must ensure the one you buy has the required safety mechanism.
  2. Look for limit switches: Make sure your EOT crane manufacturers in Mumbai provide EOT cranes that have limit switches. Limit switches are meant to prevent the crane from over lifting or over lowering. It prevents the hook from colliding with the cable drums. A collision can cause a dropped load.
  3. Do not side pull: Side pulling refers to pulling a load that is not directly under the hoist. EOT cranes are designed and optimized to pull weights vertically upwards or downwards only. Pulling them sideways can seriously compromise safety. Make sure that the controllers are well informed about the hazard.
  4. Check hoist quality: A lot of your crane’s safety factors depend on the quality of hoist. Make sure the hoist has passed all the safety tests mandated by authorities. Another thing that must be considered is the movement that your crane provides. The movement should be as smooth as possible. Double plugging circuits are essential for smooth starting and braking.
  5. Warning horns: Make sure your crane comes with warning horns. They are highly essential and must be maintained. Without these horns the cranes can present safety hazards.
  6. Push buttons and radio control: Push-button stations and radio controls make the overhead crane easy to operate. Also, make sure that your EOT crane manufacturers in Mumbai provide maintenance platforms with hand railings. Reputed manufacturing companies provide fences along the full length of the girder.

Make sure you check the above mentioned things before buying. It will allow you to ensure safety and a high degree of efficiency from the crane.                                                                                                                                                                                          

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