Tips For Buying A Modern Photo Frame For Your Home

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Pictures can tell a thousand words. Photos often memorialize memories and occasions or even offer artwork for an otherwise bland room. But what if you frame that picture with an elegant, modern picture frame? Wouldn’t you say that frames make a great photo even better?

A good frame can also help you display and hang the photos, making them a better way to show the photos to your friends and family. With an excellent, modern photo frame you get more out of a picture, you make the details more visible, you make it look better and create a better background for it.

How Can You Choose The Right Frame?

Choosing a frame can be difficult, mainly because there is a huge variety of models available on the market. There are various materials, shapes, styles, finishes, colors and hanging options. Here’s what you need to pay attention to before choosing the right photo frame:

The Style

This is probably the most important factor to pay attention to. The style is essentially how the frame looks in general. It can be confusing for some clients, as they are not really certain about what they want. However, the choice can be simple – you can either choose a modern photo frame, or a more eclectic, classic one. Essentially, these are the two major styles – but there are also many varieties of modern frames (high-tech frames, minimalist or industrial among many others). The same goes for classic frames – you can get anything from ornate frames, baroque frames, and art nouveau or art deco frames. Yes, there are a lot of styles to know, but you can choose a neutral one if you are unsure. A neutral frame is basic and works for any photo.

The Size

Once you know the style of the frame, it’s time to think about the size. This is very important because you already have the photo, so your choices are limited to the photo’s size. If you don’t choose the right size, the framed photo will look really odd and out of place. The frame must complement the photo. It should not make it look disproportionate and or weird. Frames usually come in standardized sizes – 8×10 inches, 12×16 inches, 16×20 inches or 18×24 inches. These are the most common sizes. Measure the photo you want to frame, in order to make sure the frame you decide to purchase is, in fact, the right choice.

Matching The Interior

Obviously, you will want to display the framed photo somewhere in your home. Choose a style that is relevant to your interior – an elegant, sleek, minimalist design is your safest bet. However, if the interior is more ornate and decorated, a classic, traditional photo frame should be your main choice. There are other items to pay attention to – look at your furniture – picking a style similar to your furniture can make it look awesome. Also, you can pick a modern photo frame that creates contrast (keep in mind that contrast is good, but it must be carefully controlled, otherwise it seems fake and flashy).

Pay Attention To The Photograph

This is another important aspect you should consider when buying a new photo frame. The photo is, after all, the item you want to frame and it will determine how the actual frame looks. For instance, family vacation photos often go well with whimsical and funky frames, as it shows creativity. On the other hand, black and white artistic photos should be paired with elegant, sleek frames that make the photos more attractive and artsy. Professional photos or portraits go well with simple black frames. It makes you look professional and capable. Keep in mind that the frame makes or breaks the photo. Even a mediocre photo can become a piece of artwork if you choose the right modern picture frames.

Aesthetic Matters

Photo frames are designed to make the photos look better, so they also must look great themselves. Always look for something that is aesthetically pleasing and looks good in general. You should like the frame. As long as you consider it aesthetically pleasing, it does the job right. Keep in mind that displaying photos is intimate – they are your photos, your home and you want them to look better. They help you relive memories, make your home much more elegant and beautiful, but they’re also functional.

The Materials Of The Frame

Modern picture frames can be made from various materials. Some of the most popular ones are wood, plastic, and metal. You can also choose a combination of these materials as well. Frames can be made of glass, creating an even more elegant and sleek look. The most popular material for frames is wood, because it has immense advantages – it looks fabulous, it’s durable, reliable and can be finished in virtually any color or texture. Wood can be used for minimalist frames, elegant frames, but also for ornate, highly decorated frames. Similarly, as frames were often made from wood, the options are truly endless. Metal, on the other hand, can be very sleek and minimalist, but precious metals can make photos look very elegant. Glass frames are ideal if you want a high-tech look. Additionally, the ability to look through frames gives the impression that the photos are floating. Plastic is ideal for simpler photo frames, but it can look awesome if you know what you are doing.

Make Sure The Frame Fits

Once you get the style, the size, and the materials right, it’s time to make the purchase. However, before making a final decision, think about how it will look in your room. Will it complement the room and space? Will it look appropriate in the room? Is it too big or too small? How should you hang them on the wall? Do you want a gallery with multiple photos? Think about how the framed photos will look and determine if you like it. If not, you can go back to the specifics and choose a different style, material or size.

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