Tips for Enjoying Sauna Session at Home with Home Infrared Sauna Blanket

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If it were possible, every sauna lover would have built a sauna room at their home. Alas! One has to depend on the spa center for sauna sessions. Sauna baths are no doubt relaxing and even improve the user’s health. But going out every time you wish for one can delay the process. It’s better to purchase a home infrared sauna in Australia from Heat Healer and enjoy it wherever you want. If you want to enhance the comfort of your home sauna, read the tips mentioned below 

Tips to make the most of your sauna blanket

Preheat the blanket

The first step for a successful sauna session is to preheat the blanket. If you read the instructions carefully, it clearly states that the sauna should be preheated before you step in. sauna blankets take 15 o 20 minutes(or more) to heat up; if you need to wait for that long every day, it is less likely that you will use it regularly. So, preheat the blanket while you finish other tasks and then step in the blanket. 


Keep yourself hydrated

Staying hydrated is very crucial when going for a sauna session. The same is the rule when planning to enjoy a sauna at home with a  portable infrared sauna in Australia. The reason is that you lose a lot of sweat in high temperatures. To cover up the loss and eliminate the risk of dehydration, you must drink water before, during, and after the session. Carry a water bottle along if you are going to a spa center, or keep a glass of water at your side as you relax in the blanket. 


Shower beforehand session

There are various advantages to showering with soap and water before your sauna session. It helps keep your sauna clean by removing the greasy layer from your skin. It also makes you sweat more quickly. A warm shower can help you relax your muscles as well as your mind. Also, always towel off thoroughly before entering a sauna, as moist skin makes it more difficult to begin sweating.


Keep it well maintained

One very important step is to clean the blanket after every use. You sweat a lot in a sauna, so the toxins will get trapped in the blanket, which can become a hub for infections if not maintained. To make it ready for the next session, reach out for its cleaning guide. Clean and disinfect it after every use. An all-purpose cleaner is generally available at the same source you buy the blanket. Purchase it along with the blanket as it works great to clean the blanket properly.

What to do after a session?

The next question that might pop in your head after you’ve enjoyed a sauna session at home is what should be your next step, right? After you are done with the sauna session, you need to rehydrate yourself. So, reach out for a glass of water. Some people even opt for a cold shower that locks the pores and remove the toxins that were released through sweat. 

Follow these tips to make your home infrared sauna in Australia more enjoyable. 

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