These 5 tips will help you if you are solo traveler

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Just hearing about the idea of traveling or going on a road trip alone makes plenty of people feel uneasy. If, however, you belong in the other group, and are confident in your independence but have never traveled by yourself, there are a few things you ought to bear in mind. Follow these tips and ensure your adventure is a life-transformative positive experience any person would wish to have.  

Never neglect your safety

However overcome by excitement and joy, you must never forget to make safety your priority. If this is your main concern when deciding whether to travel alone, you will be relieved to know that there are several ways to keep yourself safe. You can start by planning the entire trip ahead, choosing the destinations, booking accommodation, but also getting your travel or health insurance beforehand. 

Secondly, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to maintain contact with a family member or a friend. Since you are going to an unknown place where you probably don’t have any acquaintances either, make sure you have your phone with you at all times. Preferably, carry a power bank with you so that you can charge the phone in case its battery runs out of juice. That way, people can always reach you and make sure you are alright. Also, if you need medical assistance or end up in a different kind of emergency situation, you can contact the national emergency line easily. 

It should also be mentioned that you should take extra care of your personal and travel documents. Never leave your personal belongings (especially your wallet, documents, and phone) unsupervised, but always keep them within eyesight. If the locals or other people have advised you not to go to or be extra cautious (due to particularly high crime rates or other safety-related issues) in certain parts of the country or city you’ll be visiting, follow that advice. 

If road-tripping, get your car ready

In case you have opted for absorbing your destination’s landscapes and attractions through the windshield of your car, there are a couple of necessary preparations one should do. Needless to say, this step also counts as a highly recommended (read unavoidable) safety precaution. 

Before anyone begins their road trip, the first thing they certainly need to is to request professional help and get reliable car repair and service in order to prevent potential problems with the vehicle. For example, there are a number of unpleasant situations which happen on the road, such as a car breakdown, a flat tire, or, even worse, minor and major accidents. It will be more difficult for you to handle a given issue since there would be no travel companion with you to help you get a towing service, change the tire, try to fix the car or whatever else that might need to get done. So, check your car and get it in order on time so that you can avoid headaches and improve your safety on the road as much as possible. 

Keep your mind open to new things 

Now to step away from the safety-related topics, let’s move on to the more interesting side of traveling alone. Some people tend to get a bit more nervous or shy when it comes to trying new things when they know they are on their own. But there is no reason for that. Not having a companion certainly doesn’t stop you from tasting something you have never tasted, engaging in adrenaline-charged or other kinds of fun or daring activities. If something tickles your curiosity and you don’t have a chance to do it in your country, don’t just dismiss it because you have nobody next to you to do it with. Self-sufficiency in travel surely doesn’t lack its own charm, as you are bound to discover. 

Connect with locals and other travelers

Your solo trip is a great opportunity to make new friends in new destinations. Talk to locals and other adventurers like yourself. You will learn a lot from them and expand your mind with multiple new perspectives and outlooks on life. Share your own experience with them and you will all find beauty in your cultural differences. They are something that connects people, not create distance between them, which is a truly invaluable realization. 

Don’t rush yourself

Perhaps you have already made a list of everything you want to visit, do, or try. Some people put pressure on themselves to check off each and every item on that list when traveling, which ends up taking away the fun. Leave tension and errands at home, and instead, give yourself time to breathe in the moment, to soak in your surroundings. So what if you don’t see everything you planned? It will only be a perfect excuse to go on another trip!

In conclusion

If you are about to become a first-time solo traveler, do remember to make safety a priority, but not a burden. Then enjoyment will come more easily. 

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