Tips for wedding Car decoration in 2019

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The wedding season is on the way now and the couples who are going to marry in this wedding season already started planning theirs about the wedding. Every couple wants to get married in a different and unique style than others. Wedding management service in Udaipur also serves with this purpose only to their clients. There are so many tasks to handle the wedding arrangements but one important thing is transportation service for guests can’t be avoided. Wedding planners are now focusing on this also and Transportation service for guests at a wedding in Udaipur is so special to give a pleasant comfortability to the guests. Here are some tips for wedding Car decoration in 2019.

  • With Flowers

Flowers never get old. Flowers always give a fresh and attractive look to the decoration. Flowers have the power to beautify anything. Just add the flowers to your wedding car and decorate it with love from nature.

  • Personalized License Plate

The very new and attractive idea to decorate the wedding care with the personalized license plate for a more personal touch. Engraving with your beloved name with yours on the license plate is something that looks daring to do.

  • Classic at its best

A classic car with the decoration of some garlands could look so spectacular. Wedding planner in Udaipur has some royal ideas for the wedding car decoration as the city is famous for its royal hospitality. This theme is stylish with minimal things.

  • With Ribbons

The vibrant colors of ribbons always attract the eyes of the guests. Ribbons can be utilized in various ways either its wedding or any other function. As many colorful ribbons, you will use, a more subtle look you will get.

  • The Cruising Style

Use this Indian car decoration idea and turn your chic ride into an uber-chic one. The fabric tied in a ribbon with the flower bouquet placed on the front side using the impact colors will look perfect for your bride. This colorfully decorated car is perfect for your wedding in 2019.

  • Magical Decorated Bumper

Decorated bumper will look quite impressive. You can choose your choice of flowers and bouquet to make the different look wisely. This decoration will highlight a particular section of your ride. Flowers can be chosen as per the budget.

  • Bouquet for each spot

Vintage car with the vibrant bouquet of flowers on the bonnet, on both sides, and back of the car is a complete decoration for any Indian wedding car. Flowers matching to the theme of the wedding is a plus in the perfection. This synchronized beautiful decoration will surely take your every guest’s breath away.

  • Indian Marriage Car Decoration

For the most flamboyant ride after your wedding, this is the best to decorate the wedding car in the Indian style and go all out with this. Flowers, ribbons, and net fabrics can be used in a neat fashionable style. This style suits only those who are looking for this kind of particular look. Udaipur is the most famous to host the best weddings in India. Wedding planner in Udaipur has experience of the traditional decoration either it is wedding decoration or wedding car’s decoration.

  • Simplicity always Best

You spent a couple of days in your wedding celebrations with the vintage or royal theme, and now you want to keep the wedding car decoration as simple as it looks best. A simple bouquet on your car’s top is best in itself. This also gives a comfortable ride to the driver to drive your car.

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