Oracle Training Institute in Noida

How Oracle Training can Facilitate Your DBA Career?

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So, to get the First Job as a DBA professional and following this marketing trajectory, let’s define what the most demanding requirements by the companies are when hiring an Oracle Junior DBA. Without a doubt, the first requirement is to have qualified Oracle Training in Noida. You should know that for this vacancy, large companies prefer professionals who have completed internships. Among the Junior DBA, Core Competencies are reporting experience, basic knowledge of data modeling, extraction and manipulation, knowledge of SQL statements, PL / SQL programming skills, and knowledge of administering users and performing basic Database tasks. These are the basic items that companies typically require during a job selective. But what would be the basic tasks of a database?

Oracle Training Institute in Noida

Interpersonal Functions of a Junior DBA

If you have not yet qualified in professional training, be aware that there are less specific vacancies with fewer requirements. You can often see ads for DBA with a single requirement – Oracle, for example. Like most vacancies – whether multinational or small – have valued the interpersonal aspects of the professional. That is, in addition to the disciplinary and technical aspects, to be able to enter the job market you need to have proactivity and teamwork spirit.

Number of Markets Opportunities for a DBA

The job market has a high demand for DBA’s, but few professionals are available. This is why DBA professionals are in demand. If you join the Oracle Training Institute in Noida, you will have a good chance to settle your career in this field. These opportunities can be found on job search sites and resumes, such as LinkedIn. Creating a network, just like LinkedIn, is very important for professionals in any area of ​​IT. The subjects, being more specific, are usually “hidden” in blogging forums and websites. For this reason, it is indicated that the DBA establish a network with other professionals in the same area.

It’s worth starting as a PL / SQL developer and then becoming a DBA

And, either by location or for lack of opportunity, sometimes the professional doesn’t find a job vacancy he wants, so the question arises: “Is it worth starting as a PL / SQL developer and then becoming a DBA”? First, let’s define the PL / SQL Developer and a DBA.

PL / SQL Developer / Analyst

They are unique database developers, and their main role is to create APIs that optimize and extract data. It takes very specific knowledge in a restricted area. The result is that this professional has a large responsibility and should have a proportional salary. However, some companies still do not see the need for this professional, which in expert opinion is a big mistake.


The DBA needs to study and know everything possible about the Database Management System (DBMS). Now one of these databases is Oracle. So it’s very simple. A PL / SQL analyst in many locations is considered the DBA only with much deeper expertise in developing Oracle Database applications. This is all that you need to know about Oracle professional.