Tips To Make Your Guests Love Your Wedding Catering

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Want to amaze your guests with affordable wedding catering? The food and decoration are two of the biggest investments you make on that special day. Catering is one of the elements that anchor a great event. You also get a special time when you sit down and get a scrumptious meal to enjoy with people you love. And don’t forget that ravenous guests can’t give you company on the dancefloor. Because of these and a few other reasons, planning a reception dinner can be a daunting job.

To make the food truly special, you want to have potentially dozens of different tastes and most of them have to be new. You can achieve this with affordable wedding catering. You simply have to leave it on a company that has gained a big name by offering the best wedding catering services. A good company creates beautiful food for beautiful, memorable occasions such as your wedding, but not without your help. It’s because you have to tell your requirements. They do bring their ideas, but you can have yours as well. Let’s see how to have your guests well-fed.

Go For Seasonal

You want the food to be absolutely perfect and nothing can be better than deliciously seasonal food. Food in season does not only taste great, but ingredients are also readily available. You can also ensure that the menu is cost-effective.

Determine Your Budget

It is important to have a catering budget for your wedding. The catering company needs to know how much you can spend before they put together a perfect menu for your wedding. This helps them in presenting different, exciting, and fun options to choose from.

Pick a theme

Stamp some personality to your wedding by adding a slight theme. Keep your caterer informed to make the catering and food match your vision. This is going to be extraordinary.

Tot Up The Numbers

Give the caterer an idea of how many guests are going to be there to make it the most memorable day of your life. This does not have to be the exact number but at least tell them the size of the wedding.


Cutlery, glasses, plates and anything else that goes to the place setting ties together the theme. Don’t forget the cost of cutlery. Usually, the catering company is in charge of this, but they hire.

Don’t Skip Dietary Requirements  

Don’t ignore the dietary requirements of your guests. Some of your guests might want vegetarian and some might want gluten-free options.

Feed The Suppliers 

Think about those who are taking photos and supplying the music. You have to feed those lovely people as well. You have to consider them as well when the caterer asks for an idea of the size of the wedding.

The Finishing Touches

When it comes to the overall feel, finishing touches really make a difference. It can be a seasonal and fun soup and there are plenty of other fun extras you can add.

Midnight Snacks

It is going to be a long night of drinking and dancing. Your midnight snack can be a slow roasted pork bun or a bacon and brioche bun. Your guests are going to love these fun food offerings.

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