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TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint. It is a sliding link that connects the jawbone to the skull. It is located in the front of our ear on each side. It is the TMJ that allows us to move our jaws from one side to the other and up and down. This joint also enables us to talk, laugh, chew our food, and yawn.

Any kind of problem with the jaws or facial muscles such as pain in the joints of your jaw, or problem controlling the jaw movements is known as TMD or Temporomandibular Disorders. However, often, people confuse TMD with TMJ and refer to the condition as TMJ only. TMJ is the name of the joint, and TMD is the condition. So, are you looking for an effective TMJ Treatment, Chino CA? Don’t worry, you will find many reputable dental practitioners in the state. However, for deciding on the right treatment, you need to understand the condition in the first place. To learn more about TMD, read on!

TMJ Disorder – Symptoms

TMJ disorder or dysfunction comprises a wide range of conditions that are more likely to overlap. Some of the most common symptoms of the same TMD include the following –

  • Pain in and around one or both of the ears
  • Pain in and around one or both the TM joints
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Tenderness in the jaw
  • Pain while talking, chewing, and even yawning
  • Facial pain
  • Difficulty in opening and closing the mouth
  • Swelling around the jaws
  • Popping, clicking, and other weird sounds in the TMJ

TMJ Dysfunction – Causes

The exact reason behind issues with the TM joint is not known. According to dental practitioners, the pain and difficulties associated with the TMJ can be a combination of multiple factors including – jaw injury, arthritis, genetics, stress, etc. Also, some people happen to grind their teeth or clench it tight when angry or by habit. This practice is known as bruxism. It can also be a cause of TMJ disorders.

TMJ Disorder – Treatments

In most of the cases, the signs and symptoms of TMD are temporary and can be treated using self-management processes and medical interventions sans any nonsurgical procedure. Doctors consider surgery as a last resort when it comes to treating TMJ disorders.

Unfortunately, if you have been diagnosed with TMD, then your dentist may prescribe the following as some effective ways of TMJ Treatment Chino CA is a place where you will find many good dental practitioners. So, choose wisely and listen to your doctor’s advice.

Most dental practitioners will provide you with the following advice and treatments –

Your dental practitioners will prescribe anti-inflammatories and pain relievers depending on the intensity of your pain. Some dentists also prescribe tricyclic antidepressants for controlling bruxism, insomnia, and pain. Muscle relaxants are also taken to calm down the pain and discomfort caused as a result of TMJ disorders due to muscular spasms.

Wearing Oral splints or occlusal appliances over teeth can also relieve pain and discomfort caused by TMD.

Your doctor may suggest you eat soft and liquid food. Eating soft food that you don’t have to chew allows your rest and helps in calming down the pain. On the contrary, eating hard food can aggravate your symptoms. So, eat soft food like mashed potatoes, yogurt, soft boiled vegetables, soup, scrambled eggs, fish, etc.

Most dental practitioners also prescribe jaw exercises followed by the application of moist heat and ice. The exercises allow your jaw muscles to strengthen and stretch to provide relief.

Now that you know how to manage the signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder, make sure to use them when going through pain and discomfort. Also, as no two individuals are the same, the effectiveness of the treatments might vary from one person to the other. This is the reason why dentists prefer using the above-mentioned treatments in combination, instead of following only one.

In a state like Chino, CA, you will find a number of dental practitioners. Therefore, you might find it a bit daunting to choose one from multiple options. No issues. Do some homework, as for word of mouth recommendations, leaf through the websites of the noted dentists practicing in your state and choose the one who you find the most suitable option for you.

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