Top 5 Cities in Croatia That You Will Enjoy The Most

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Croatia is strengthening its reputation as the summer Mecca for 2019 thanks to its vibrant trail of unforgettable cities. The once little-known country is now at the tip of everyone’s tongue due to a combination of pleasing architecture, beautiful beaches, and scintillating nature beyond imagination. If you’re in the country or are heading there this season, the following entails its top five cities, vehemently deserving of your attention:

1) Dubrovnik
The “Pearl of the Adriatic” is Croatia’s unrivaled tourism heavyweight, wowing onlookers with a picturesque old town engulfed by a surrounding of blue waters. Its trademark orange-tiled houses are from a time long before the present generation of great grandparents, yet they are well-preserved, ensuring a gorgeous outlook whose beauty traverses borders. The narrow alleys, tantalizing city walls, and abundance of ancient landmarks put it on the map as the nation’s brightest star.

2) Split
Of all Croatian cities, Split holds the title of second-largest, and it also boasts a similar prowess in the local supremacy battle for the nation’s best town. A walk along the marbled waterfront shores lined with palm trees swaying in the gentle Adriatic breeze reveals the appeal of a city that’s centuries of years old. Diocletian’s Palace is the best selling point, but it’s a city also famous for its authentic cuisine, fantastic night markets, and fascinating history.

3) Zagreb 
The quirky capital takes up the third spot, impressing visitors with a vast network of galleries, theaters, malls, and pristine parks. The Mediterranean touch echoes off the rustic Austro-Hungarian masonry which typifies an overly active CBD that sees a considerable share of the 18.5 million people that visit the country annually. The constant in-flow of traffic is also down to the lively nightlife and music scene, which present endless fun and adventure, not to mention perfect native wine, during summer months.

4) Zadar
Do you fancy living close to the “Sun salutation” which channels solar energy during the day to produce panoramic and colorful displays during the night? Or are you more drawn to the “Sea Organ,” another human-made wonder utilizing the power of mother nature to coin tunes from the depths below? If so, you should consider looking up houses for sale in Zadar. Besides its two main attractions, the town is rife with Roman ruins and wonderfully blends the best of past and modern appeal.

Pula5) Pula
Pula might not offer the museum-like appeal of its counterparts, but for what it lacks, it more than makes up for it with delightful beaches. Its excellent location on the Istrian Peninsula makes sure of that. Case in point, the breathtaking sands of Seagull’s rocks and the fairytale awe of the contours of Valsaline. Pula is also home to a massive- and extremely impressive- Roman amphitheater that takes up the lion’s share of the city center with other historical sites spiraling around it. Another factor in favor of Pula also is its proximity to the wondrous islands of Brijuni.

Making up the trailing pack of gorgeous cities equally deserving of the spotlight include the tri-river intersection of Sisak. The vital seaport town of Rijeka and the nostalgic Varazdin which was once the nation’s capital are also worth a mention.

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