Top 5 Qualities of a Great Interior Designer

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Searching for an interior decorator is no simple effort. Just Googling interior decorator Charlotte NC or interior designers Charlotte doesn’t mean you will find the best one in Charlotte. The only thing that can say for sure is that you’ve come across a bunch of them and they own websites that rank high on Google.

However, that doesn’t exclude them from the equation as many of the results on the first page might lead you to a great interior designer working in Charlotte, or the nearby area.

Here is a mini-guide on how to distinguish a great interior designer from the many mediocre that claim they are great at their work. Here are the top five traits of a great interior designer:

#5 A great interior designer has knowledge of diverse design styles

The best ones treat each project like a blank canvas that deserves a unique approach. Sometimes the owners might lean more into a minimalist design, other times towards something more contemporary. Whether it is one or another style, a great interior designer should be able to get a good reading from its clients and design the space while providing uniqueness to it.

#4 A great designer perfectly understands the link between space and functionality

Functionality sometimes is seen as a sort of a limitation for many designers that only care about design. However, the quite artistic designers care for only what meets the eye and not much about anything else. The ones that are considered best can provide excellent designs while preserving the functionality of the space. For them, functionality can never stand in the way of a great design.

#3 The best interior designers are always detail oriented

The best ones care about every aspect of the design, to the tiniest detail. Sometimes it may seem like there is no end to their perfectionism, but it is a trait that speaks about their dedication. These are the little things that often make the difference. Sometimes a vase positioned in the wrong corner or under the wrong light can significantly alter the space and its look. Sometimes most people will have a hard time to understand that, but for an experienced designer that will be more than obvious.

#2 Great interior designer understand the relation between space and the folks that use it

Whether it is a house or a commercial space, the best designers know that the design needs to incorporate a big part of its user’s identity. They need to feel that space reflects parts of them so that they feel it like their own.

#1 Great interior designer are driven by their passion for creation

The best ones are in love with their work and care greatly how people perceive it. They are just like artists in many ways, and they care greatly about recognition. When they manage to tune their ideas with their clients’, it makes them happy the most. That’s when their passion comes to the surface and when they do their best work.

The best interior designers share most of the traits above. That’s how you filter out the best ones from mediocre ones. Sometimes their portfolio speaks for them, and often you need to meet them face to face. In any case, that’s how you make the distinction and find the perfect interior designer. This interior designer will make your space radiant of your own identity and personal preferences while adding his or her touch of creativity.

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