Top Five Topics to Consider While Writing a Finance Dissertation

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Choosing a dissertation topic in finance can mess you up, but you need to relax as we are going to provide number of topics for a great dissertation writing in finance. Finance is a really broad subject with different branches. It is essential to choose a topic in specific, you are very passionate about and which gets your attention. Topic must be chosen considering your future line and must look satisfactory to your research advisor too.


Microfinance can be a useful topic, when writing a dissertation in finance. Efforts are being done for the promotion and growth of microfinance. It provides customer services to people who lack access to traditional financing. Below are some topics which can be used related to microfinance, but if you want to look for some more options, you can search for Finance Dissertation Topics.

  • The growth of microfinance in banking sector.
  • Do public and private sectors have different impact on microfinance?
  • Impact of microfinance on SME.
  • How can we produce successful microfinance institutions?

Banking Sector

Banking sector is and always has been the necessary part of finance and has played a very crucial role. It has played the role of a mediator, between people who gives money to banks and who takes money to banks. Banks have provided financial services to the majority of people. Let’s see what topics do we have for the banking sector:

  • The role of banks in the modern economy.
  • How modern banking is different from the traditional banking?
  • Asset liability management in commercial banking.

Internet Banking 

Internet banking has taken the banking sector to a whole new level. World being a global village, has now opened new platforms in every field of life. Banking isn’t a conventional banking anymore. We have access to online banking now, and can enjoy banking facilities even from our home. This is very beneficial for people living in rural areas or for places which are quite far from banks. It is being observed that internet banking has increased the customer satisfaction to a great extent. Let’s discuss some topics relevant to internet banking:

  • The role of internet banking in the modern banking system.
  • How further developments can be made in online banking in the future?
  • Is electronic banking secure?
  • Impact of internet banking in the increasing ratio of bank customers.

Ethics in Accounting

With the passage of time, the use of accounting is increasing dramatically. There have been a lot of scandals regarding the accounting entries. Accounting is a vast field in itself, consisting of financial and cost accounting and the list goes on. There are finalized accounting standards and a proper body who has these standards. Despite of that, we are observing these accounting scandals. The need to work on ethical accounting has raised, and is the need to ensure proper and smooth working in banks. Following are some topics related to ethical accounting:

  • Ethical approach for the university accounting students.
  • Do auditors work independently? A reality or myth?
  • Accounting, ethics and the links missing between them?

Corporate Social Responsibility in Banking Sector

Corporate social responsibility is what the organization is contributing towards the betterment of the society. Normally, companies which do production or having large factories do their corporate social responsibility by keeping their units far from populated areas, so that minimum number of people get affected by the smoke or pollution that the factory is producing. Since, banks don’t work in the same way as a factory where some materialistic product is produced, so it is their corporate social responsibility to contribute for the social cause as well. The topic for CSR are mentioned below:

  • How can banks contribute in the social cause?
  • Ethical issues in the banking sector.
  • A case study of social responsible banking system.


There can be various topics to choose from finance for your dissertations. We have provided the best 5 topics which are easiest and can be utilized in the modern world.

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