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A legal process is complex, with federal and state laws and government agency regulations all affecting your rights and responsibilities. You need a legal advisor for your business for the long run without a bankruptcy. You may seek legal counsel for family matters such as drafting a personal will or difficult divorce. Failing to work with an attorney in certain cases may lead to broken agreements, lost claims or even prison. You need to hire a perfect law firm legal representative to deal with the legal issues you are facing.

In Israel, Laws and Regulations are changed recently by the US government. So you have to hire the best law firm representatives to integrate with your start-up companies in the long run.

David Page law firm in Israel provides you top-notch lawyering with experts and integrity to solve your legal issues on time.

Practice areas of a top law firm in Israel

A  top-notch law firm has to solve all the issues legally faced by a person in Israel. It offers you to know-how in the areas of business law, wills, trusts, and estates, commercial real estate, corporate law, intellectual property, medical arenas, drugs, chemicals and more.

  • The Israel real estate market is one of the hottest topics in the world and also a risky one to invest in. Real estate deals are often presented as “sure things” to owners and investors in both residential and commercial real estate. Real estate faces improper zoning, a license of the building and construction complications issues. You have to approach law firms in advance to ensure that all the risks have been identified and analyzed to the extent possible.
  • Why is the legal counsel firm needed for your business/company in Israel? Intellectual property law is to protect your creative property ownership and allows you to reap investments in ideas. Your legal counsel team helps to protect trademarks, patents, and copyrights. They make sure your intellectual property is safe under jurisdictions of the country you selected like Us, Europe and China.

  • A corporate law attorney helps you to pay tax regularly and shields the shareholders from personal liability when it comes to the debts of a corporation. In Israel, the pass-through tax LLC structure of a Us company is not availed, but US LLC can own Israel company. Dual Us-and-Israeli citizens who have a new company in Israel should aware of the new Trump tax law’s impact on their tax treatment. Higher rate tax for foreign companies in Israel.

David Page Law firm is one of the best corporate and Intellectual property law firms in Israel that will help you navigate the Israeli company registration process and provides the ownership structure of your needs.

  • The best law firms not only deal with the legal issue of business, but it also deals with personal legal issues. An estate attorney is responsible for drafting and execute legal documents includes Israeli or international Last will. They have to deposit the properties and assets of a person according to the will after that person has passed.

To avoid the failure of the deceased’s will, trust, estates, and probate, hire an attorney who is right for you.

 All the areas are practiced in David Page Law firm in Israel. They have experts in the US, Europe, China and beyond. They also deal with drugs and chemical laws. 

Testimonials and way of Billing

The attorney should offer a free consultation when you first meet him/her. Most reputable and famous professional attorneys do so. This meeting will give you an idea about them and decide whether they will suit your legal interests.

The attorney should be meticulous and contact clients with the utmost care and update the progress of the case. Before you hire an attorney, you must go through the testimonials on their website or have a chat with their previous clients to know about their law performance in your selected country.

Before you move forward, ask about the payment. Avoid hourly based payments, prefer the law firm who charged bills by fixed packages for your legal needs. 

David Page Law firm in Israel provides smart and holistic legal counsel for you with kindness and dedicated commitment. Their trained experts can speak multiple languages and help to solve your legal issues globally. For legal advice, you can contact and consult David Page Law firm.

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