Top Romantic things to do in USA

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Universally, Europe is known to be a land of love. Great weather, romantic eateries, culturally rich, artistic lane ways and many places for sight-seeing. But in today’s age, visiting Europe is nothing but a cliche. Gone are days when you can even boost about visiting Rome or Italy, as half of the world has already been there.
The latest demand for romantic destinations around the world, USA tops the charts. Right from the couples who are dating to the ones who have crossed half a century in their marriage are keen to explore this vivid country. It has rich landscapes ranging from mountain peaks at the Yellowstone National park to serene beaches at Hawaii.

For people in love, regular tourist locations might be boring. They need to do things that can create a memory for a lifetime. So, here’s a list of 7 most romantic things to do when in USA;

Visit ‘The Fly’ park in New Orleans
The Fly park is strategically located on the banks of Mississippi river, offering a beautiful romantic sunset complimented with cool breeze to set the mood. Grab your picnic basket, a bottle of wine and your loved one to create a memory of a lifetime.

Paraglide at Torrey Pines beach
If you and your sweetheart are the adventurous kind, you must visit one of the best beaches in USA, Torrey Pines. Situated in San Diego, this beach allows sunset gliding to a spectacular aerial view of the coastal banks.

Better than sex in Florida
Apart from having USA’s best beaches, Florida is also home to a sinful dessert restaurant, Better Than Sex. Dimly lit, this place invites you to savour a decadent treat with your sweetheart. Due to public demand, it is always advised to make a reservation first.

Helicopter experience in Chicago
As cheesy as it may be, what better a set for the most romantic night of your life than over the glittering coastline of Lake Michigan. Chicago Helicopter Experience offers both day and night services, but we vouch for the night-time appeal.

The battery at Charleston
Another one in the romantic places to see in USA is The Battery park in Charleston. Scenically located next to a lake on one side and live oaks to the next, you can avail the best bench in the house, appreciating your life sitting next to you.

Botanical Garden in Phoenix
To revive the naughty dates of hiding behind trees for some cheap thrills, you must visit the Botanical Park. It has vibrant collection of wildflowers and succulents as high as a giant to give you a cosy corner for a fun sneak-out.

Heritage B&B’s at Savannah, Georgia
One of the best places for the romanticists to indulge in USA are the heritage mansions in Savannah. You can stay in a historical old mansion, admire the splendid architecture or just savour your favourite poison at local wine-bar.

Travelling is just a way to rejuvenate yourself from the hectic work life. Gradually, over the years the work life balance for most people have been hampered. Spending time with family and dear one’s are equally important as your work. Travelling to various places or vacations brings in some personal time together as a bonding. So, the next you run out of an idea for a perfect romantic gateway, just pack your bags and head out to the land of opportunities, USA.

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