Top Seven Bridal Salon Management Software 2019

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Are you looking to manage your salon & spa business for bridals and other customers on-the-go? Are you doing something extraordinary to boost your salon business? In the competitive world, to get success in the salon & spa industry, it becomes crucial to become engaging and productive. And there is no better option than taking help from the industry’s best salon software. Due to advancements in technology, so many salon & spa software out there that can help you accomplish desired business goals. To help you out, we’ve summarised 7 best bridal and salon software that will help you attract more customers and boost business efficiency. So without wasting more time, let’s discuss that software one by one. 

  1. Salonist:

Salonist is one of the best Bridal Salon software that provides everything you need to fulfill your long-term goals of salon and spa business It starts with a simple process from organizing your day and welcoming new clients. It helps you manage your online appointment bookings, POS, membership and loyalty programs, all while attracting new clients and keeping them coming back for more. If you are looking forward to boosting your salon business productivity, then using Salonist software can change the game. It can do all those tasks for you that leads to more business opportunities, strong customer base, and eventually more business growth. 

  • Wisor:

Wisor is one of the best cloud-based Beauty Salon solutions that are perfect for business owners working in gifts, jewelry, sporting goods, home decor, food and drink industry, and most importantly for salons and spas. This ultimate software enables business owners to manage inventory control, customers handling, process transactions and dig deep into their store’s analytics. The multi-register capability of this software helps track sales from different cash registers independently. Apart from that, it enables users to store, track and assign serial numbers to salon products as well as create product variations according to their size, color, and material using a matrix system. If you want to boost the performance of a salon business, then try out Wisor today. It is available with a monthly & yearly subscription with a personalized onboarding 24/7 support.

  • Rosy:

Having easy salon scheduling at your fingertips is important and who don’t like to get that? With Rosy, manage client appointments in no time with just a few clicks and keep your salon & spa business on-track with Rosy automated reminders. We can understand how late arrivals and dreaded no-shows impact your salon’s overall schedule. This is where communication becomes essential. Rosy helps you communicate with your potential clients with automated text and email reminders, and messages without even the hassle of making confirmation calls to have a smooth and productive salon business atmosphere.

  • Vagaro:

Vagaro is another powerful scheduling and management salon software for your salon & spa business. We know it’s quite complicated for you to send reminder emails, keep track of all appointments, get details of a number of customers visited in a day, and manage overall inventory control. But from now onwards, Vagaro is going to do it for you in a convenient and simpler manner. Being a salon business owner, you can now build a customer database by importing all your contacts from an excel or .csv file or pulling contacts directly from their mobile. Your customers can post their reviews about your services on a Salon’s Vagaro page, and you can see and respond to them easily. You can also manage internal activities including monitoring business progress with real-time analytics, staff attendance, generating sales & service reports, check-in & check-out, and map with payroll service.

  • Kitomba:

Do you want your business to be successful and the more successful the better? Of course, as a salon business owner, it must be your dream. So, to fulfill all your salon business-related goals and dreams, Kitomba comes up with so many exceptional features. Kitomba offers so much more than just exceptional spa and salon management software, it makes your many tasks as easy as possible. Packed with powerful  features like online appointments, automatic reminders, Client handling, Unique benchmarking tool to compare your business within the industry, Stock management, Point-of-sale, Staff management, Point-of-sale, Personalised scoreboard and daily appointment list for your staff members, and Security to control access to settings, Kitomba will definitely help you take your salon business to the next level. 

  • Chi Desk:

Finding it hard to manage your appointments, classes, point of sale and marketing during the wedding season? Do you want to keep yourself and your bridal customer away from all hassles & worries? Well, it can be achieved using Chi Desk bridal salon scheduling software. It helps you track individual bride and group appointments, assign multiple employees & resources and easily access the state of every appointment that they booked for taking your salon services. Using Chi Desk, you’ll never waste time struggling to maintain records of your schedule and appointments. 

  • Baxus:

Running a smooth salon and spa operation can be quite hectic. Let Baxus make it easy for you. Baxus enable you to get quick client details, made stock simple, offers a painless point of sale,  nurture client relations, analyze sales, increase repeat bookings, easy appointment tracking and many more that can help you run your business operations smoothly. Apart from it, this software helps your clients create appointment slots and manage them in a virtual appointment book, schedule recurring or follow-up appointments by selecting dates and times on a drag and drop interface. If you are in search of such ultimate software then give Bexus a try. 


These 7 ultimate Beauty Salon Point of sale & Bridal Salon POS Software will definitely help you run your salon and spa business successfully. Success in the beauty industry is no longer easy to achieve, it becomes hard to succeed in the beauty industry huge competition is there out in the market. So, to become productive, you need to do something extra for your business. And using online software can help you a lot. Although, there are many software available in the market, the above 7 are the best chosen for your needs. If you need to know more about any software then let us know in the comment section below. 

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