Early Season Trout Fishing – Top Tips For Fly Fishing in May

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All year round, Fly fishing for trout is difficult and in the Mayfly season, it can be particularly difficult if one is not careful. The trout are experiencing a great deal of change whether wild or stocked, and this affects their feeding habits.

Wild trout will be keen to fatten themselves up and have just come through the winter. You must follow white river fly fishing guides.

From a stock pond, Stocked fish will have just been moved where they had as much food as they could eat. You can guarantee by other fishermen, the waters have been thrashed to death and The Mayfly season is also the most popular so the trout will be easily spooked and wary.

They will certainly stop feeding but they may not run for cover. So, what are the top tips? For Catching Early Season Trout, Here are my Top Ten Tips:

A fly that matches the conditions must be selected. Ensure you use the right type as Mayfly has two adult stages, the spinner and the dun so – they are very different.

On the last 12 inches of your tippet, Add floatant to the fly but make sure you do not get it. To degrease the last 12 inches of the tippet Use Fuller’s Earth. This will ensure that on the surface the tippet does not sit visibly and frighten the fish.

Use the lightest tippet possible must be used. 4lb breaking strain is fine for most trout fishing but you may need to go lighter on chalk streams. The white river fly guide will guide you well.

Always test the first fish you hook or your knots will do it for you!

Beyond your abilities, you must never cast. In the immediate area, all this does is frighten all the fish. Only cast short distances if you can only cast delicately at short distances then!

At all times, Use stealth. Without them seeing you always try to get close to the fish. Even if they do not bolt for cover they will stop feeding if fish see you.

Minimum number of false casts must be used. Every cast increases the chances of you getting caught in a tree and risks frightening the fish. Remember at the right time a means of delivering the fly to the right place is casting. 60 foot casts and Perfect casting technique do not catch fish!

A fish remain stealthy and hidden, When you hook. If it remains confused the trout will play more easily and does not know what has happened. As it will associate you with the danger it is in the trout will run from you as hard as possible, if you show yourself and stand up.

It does not frighten other fish or bolt into weed and so Keep control of the trout at all times.

Rub it into the last 12 inches of the tippet and Take some of the fish slime once you have safely landed your first fish of the day. Fish slime will help mask the unnatural smell of your fishing tackle and is a natural whetting agent.

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