Top Tips To Follow When Getting Silestone Worktops In Your Kitchen

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Wish to remodel your kitchen? Looking for something chic yet classy? Hovering over Pinterest looking for ideas?

Installing Silestone Worktops is your answer. These worktops from recent times have become the first choice of all the fanatics looking for something different to soothe their appetite. Well, they may not be the only solution but the foremost and a significant step towards upgrading your food heaven. Apart from all the options available in the market, Silestone’s have out-numbered the list of buyers of other countertops because of its generic properties.

Silestone Worktops are made of 90% Quartz, which makes it durable and exceptionally resilient. They are an excellent surface option for kitchen worktops and bathrooms, etc. It’s low maintenance, an attractive investment that gives your kitchen a modern and alluring look. It’s low-porosity, sturdy, stain-resistant properties make it an absolute YAY! for modern-day homes.

However, if you are still fussing over the question of buying these countertops take a short glance at what they are offering to your lifestyle. There are several reasons which make your choice easier. But the only thing to be considered before buying a Silestone countertop is the maintenance and properties it will be offering.

To make a better understanding of these two factors, below mentioned are tips that should be followed when getting a Silestone Worktop:


As Silestone is partially made up of quartz, hence it retains all the cleaning friendly qualities of quartz. A simple regular cleaning works well with the Silestone worktops, but there are some preventive measures needed for their safekeeping. Although easy to maintain, refrain from using harsh cleansing gels or soaps and abrasive, coarse materials for cleaning the worktop. Doing so can make the worktop appear dull with scratch marks and patches.

Instead, a damp cloth will work just fine to maintain hygiene over the countertop. You can also use mild lemon water or soda water solutions to clean them off.


It’s unlikely that your Silestone Worktop will stain easily. The porous material of Silas countertops is easy to wipe off, and hence they don’t trap staining materials for a more extended period. However, if it still manages to retain stains from misfortunate events, clean it using a gentle dish cleanser with the help of a microfiber cloth. Do not press hard; doing so might destroy the upper layer of the worktop.


There are slight chances of your countertop made up of Silestone to catch up the impurities from outside thereby fading its shiny property. If your worktop starts to lose its lustre, do not worry. The dull appearance is mostly because of built-up grease, wax, dirt, etc.

An easy trick to cut through the grease and dirt is mixing one part of Apple Cider Vinegar with two parts of water. Spray the mixture over the affected area and rub it off with a soft cloth. If the build-up is stubborn, consider investing in a good Silestone Cleaning Spray.


Too much usage of quartz present in the making of your Silestone worktops leads to the stone losing its originality. Although the Quartz ratio in a standard Silestone worktop is usually 90%, a slight imbalance in this ratio could make a drastic drift from the original image of your ideal kitchen. While buying these countertops make sure that the Silestone you’re buying is of standard quality with the appropriate blend of all its constituent.


Milestones are slightly cheaper compared to the other classic options available. They are readily accessible in several variants offering an equally varying price range. On top of it, these countertops do not require any professional fitting or extra post-fitting charges. Hence, the installation of Silestone is an affordable option for those who want a classy touch in their kitchen at a very reasonable price.


You can choose from a bundle of options available for Silestone worktops in terms of colour and texture. Silestone countertops provide everlasting-durability and hygiene if maintained religiously. They offer negligible porous platforms for your kitchens which suits the need of the place. Based on colour and durability, you can look for several options available out there in the market.

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