Travel Agent Software Needs Options

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The travel agent software currently available in the market includes fast and easy to use applications that can help your travel agency reduce the amount of time it takes to research and complete a travel booking. Today’s travel technology solutions provide quick, live access to multiple types of supplier content such as airlines, cruise lines and hotels to ensure the most up to date availability and pricing is used.

For Leisure agents, especially those selling complete cruise vacation packages, combining the different travel elements can be challenging as well as time-consuming. Airports and flight arrival times need to be coordinated with cruise departure ports and passenger embarkation times. Travel time and options between airports and cruise ports can vary greatly, further complicating the process. And with the majority of cruise passengers requiring a flight to get to their cruise departure, an airline booking engine can be an important component of a cruise vacation.

Finding the right hotel to match an airline itinerary can be challenging. Travel booking solutions that prompt the user to explore hotel options based on the flight arrival and departure date/s can help simplify the entire process. Easy access to features like integrated hotel information and descriptions linked to rich media can help the User select the option that best fits their needs. From an agent’s workflow perspective, custom day to day itineraries can be built for customers that easily show them their itinerary, accommodation details and more.

Sophisticated business rule features can allow a travel agency owner to develop and deliver customized marketing messages to their Users. A product’s selling prices can be easily adjusted and rules defined to specifically consider published airfares, negotiated/private airfares as well as consolidator airfares. Travel agent software that integrates cruises with air and hotels can even just show the one total price to the User. Access to traditional business to business as well as business to consumer channels give today’s agency owner the flexibility to serve customers the way they choose. And ready to serve clients in today’s mobile world, many online booking engines are mobile built using innovative responsive technology that automatically adjusts screen size and layout to the type of device being used.

Travel agent software that has a quick response time and supported by a technology partner that is responsive to your needs can be critical for your business to remain competitive in today’s fast pace online environment. Consider using a travel booking solution that uses a secure, scalable online booking platform designed to meet the demands of suppliers, travel agencies as well as the end-user. This will allow your technology to easily expand with your business as it grows. Choosing a technology partner with experienced development and support staff available around the clock can be key when any issues do arise.

Finding travel agent software that is fast, flexible, responsive with relevant content is an important decision for your travel agency business. Finding the right technology company to partner with can be even more important.