The Best Travel Guide for Singapore Holidays

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Located on an island off the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is a popular travel destination in Southeast Asia. Singapore offers a rich multi-cultural experience for travellers – something that is best experienced at the city’s vibrant neighborhoods and cultural centres. Those exploring here on an all-inclusive Singapore holiday package can also discover numerous natural wonders like the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

There are a number of interesting sightseeing, dining, educational and entertainment opportunities in Singapore which cater to all kinds of holidaymaker, and Singapore’s robust and affordable transport system ensures that visitors can explore sites in a hassle-free manner. We have come up with a quick travel guide to Singapore that can surely come in handy while exploring this city:

Language – People of Singapore speak Malay, Mandarin Chinese and Tamil for their private interactions. But when it comes to public and official interactions, English is given precedence over other local languages. In fact, most Singaporeans are quite fluent in this foreign language.

Power Plug – The normal current usage in Singapore is 220-240 volts. Visitors carrying electronic gadgets and camera equipment with three square prongs can easily charge their devices here.

Safety – Visitors booking their cheap Singapore holidays will be happy to learn that Singapore ranks among the safest cities in the world. The city has a strict law enforcement and female travellers can feel safe to walk alone during the night. However, visitors should avoid walking alone in Geylang, Singapore’s main red light district.

Care for all – Singapore is highly responsive to the needs of elderly and disabled people, and most of the public attractions here are designed to keep their specific needs in mind.

Tax-free Shopping – Visitors spending over S$100 at shops participating in the Global Blue tax refund scheme can claim a refund of 7% GST paid on their purchases. So it’s a good idea to ask the retailers about GST refunds on tourist shopping.

Avoid Smoking in Public Places – Smoking is strictly prohibited in all air-conditioned public spaces in Singapore. However, some entertainment venues and open-air restaurants have designated smoking areas. Similarly, spitting, littering, jay-walking and drinking in public places is strictly prohibited. Chewing gum is also famously banned here.

Go for Street Food & Save Money – Singapore visitors can easily save big on food as a number of local hawkers serve decent and authentic Singaporean dishes at low prices. And going by the length of queues, food lovers can find it quite easy to locate the popular street vendors. As for hygiene, it is always better to look out for coloured placards indicating the hygienic standards maintained at these stalls.

Finally, in case of emergency, visitors can call 999 for police, 995 for fire brigade and emergency and 1800 542 4422 for flight information.

As an all-round holiday destination, Singapore caters to visitors of all tastes and ages. So be it about exploring the local culture at Chinatown, shopping for local items at Orchard, or understanding the Singaporean past at Changi Village in Pulau Ubin Island, there is endless appeal in this little action-packed city. Explore all these attractions and much more with for an unforgettable vacation experience.

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