Trips and Events in Natal – Top Reasons to Book Natal Trips Right Now

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Planning to take trips and events in Natal! These are certain things you should know about prior to your tour. So, before planning, it‘s highly recommended to know your holiday destination better.

6 Interesting Facts About Natal –

* Natal in Brazilian Portuguese language means “Christmas”.

* Natal is the closest Brazilian city to both Africa and Europe.

* The existence of sandy soil prevented the city from becoming a sugarcane producer.

* Natal city is home to a wide array of sandy white beaches like Ponta Negra, Motto do Careca Tabatinga – the dolphin cliff, Redinha, Pipa, Prirangi, and Genipabu.

* Natal is the only host city during FIFA World Cup 2014 in the Amazon rainforest and the geographically isolated city than any of the other host cities.

* Natal is known as the land of shrimps and is the home to deliver a variety of shrimp dishes like shrimp with garlic and oil, pumpkin and crème cheese, cheese shrimp and much more.

Things to Do On Natal Trips –

Buggy Tour –

When vacationing in Natal, choosing a buggy tour is a must as the city is blessed with large sandy dunes landscapes that stay up-close to the coastline. While taking trips and events in Natal, you will have to make a choice between “Emotional” for adrenaline pumping experience and “No Emotion” for more relaxing, scenic experience.

Snorkeling –

Snorkeling is another recommended activity that can be an ideal alternative to enjoy with the whole family as there are no age restrictions. Though the reefs are located off the coastline, a quick five to ten minutes boat ride is required to reach the beach area to snorkel. While snorkeling underwater, you will see different varieties of fish species, lobsters and other marine species that live on the reefs and ocean beds.

Pipa –

Well-known beach destination located to the south of Natal City, Pipa Beach is popular for its red cliffs and wonderful beach lifestyle. This town has emerged itself as the second most tourist hub after Ponta Negra Beach in Natal city. Earlier, it was a favorite destination for surfers; but now the surf vibe is combined with varied influences from tourists and local residents. However, the good restaurants, accommodation opportunities, and the nightlife scene are booming during holiday season and weekends. Besides, if you‘ll visit Dolphin‘s Beach, you will get a chance to see and swim with the dolphins as they are frequently spotted in this bay.

Ponta Negra Beach –

Ponta Negra Beach is the main beach of Natal that you should visit on your next as it offers lots of action during the day and night. This is an urban beach with a beautiful coconut lined bay and iconic beachfront “Morro de Careca” hill – the benchmark of the beach. Besides, this destination is a lively place where all varieties of people meet – starting from families, tourists, surfers to even the eccentrics.

Kitesurfing –

The perfect hot spot for kite surfing is the coastal town of Sao Miguel do Gostoso – which is located north of the city of Natal. However, there are plentiful kite surfing competitions held in this town. Apart from this, the town has a small community of restaurants, bars, B&B;‘s to cater the specific market demands. However, the major part of the town is perfect for kite surfing as the town offers constant sea breeze all year round.

Conclusion –

Above discussed points are a few details about the city of Natal. It‘s always advised to know the city better before booking Trips and Events in Natal. Hence, do a thorough research and know your holiday hub very well.

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