The Triund Trek: A Taste of Himachal

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I always wanted to see McLeodganj after reading about it in an in-flight magazine once, and I was planning my trip for a long time. I love momos and Tibetan food, so most of my plan was created around where to eat. My plan was to spend most time in McLeodganj, but I also wanted to do something different, that would not take too long.

The Triund trek was the perfect choice. It can be done in one day, but that’s very strenuous, and I wanted to relax on this holiday. So I decided I would camp up there for one night and return the next day. That way, I would also get the experience of camping. My friend convinced me to add on one more day so that we could also see Laka Got, a glacier which is just above Triund. But she’s a good friend, so reluctantly, with visions of my disappearing momos in my head, I agreed.

The Magic of Mcleodganj

We boarded an early train from Dehli to Pathankot, and then went to McLeodganj by road. We spent three days there enjoying the views and the food, and getting lots of pics for our Instagram! There is so much cultural beauty to be found. I just love exploring the charming Buddhist Monasteries because each one is more serene than the last. The people I interacted with were so warm and homely. McLeodganj was quaint, green, lush and peaceful, and I highly recommend exploring it before the trek.

Trekking to Triund

On the trekking day, we joined our operator and commenced the trek to Triund. We were trekking via Dharamkot and the path started off quite easily. We were meeting some of the other trekking members too, so we were all talking and laughing a lot.

The forest was nice and cool as we were so early, and the air smelled so fresh. I just love the pine tree smell. Each and every spot had its own unique beauty, whether it was the flora and fauna or the stunning view of the Kangra valley.

My favourite part of the trek was the cute and quaint little cafes and huts strewn along the way. I stopped at one for hot masala chai and it was a perfect elixir for the cold weather and the long walk.

Once we reached Triund, it was the most satisfying feeling ever. What a view! The entire Kangra Valley, painted different shades of green, the massive grand Himalayas in the distance, Moon Peak standing tall and the ever majestic Pir Panjal range. I wish I could wake up to such a view every day.

Our tents were pitched and we chilled out that evening with the other trekkers. Later at night, everyone went to sleep in their tents. My friend Shilpi and I sat near our tents for some time and looked up at the skies. The entire sky was dotted with bright stars. We spent some time finding constellations, deciphering the Milky Way, hunting for planets and majorly just taking in the grandeur of the sky. I didn’t want this starry night to end.

Landing in Laka Got

The next morning, the guide woke us up early and gave us hot chai. It was bliss to drink it and enjoy the views. After breakfast, we started trekking towards Laka Got. It was a short uphil trek and on the way little bits and patches of snow start appearing. I had never seen snow before, so I was extremely excited when I did. Laka Got was a paradise with the snow and the whitewashed scenery all around. It was slightly windy, but bearable. I spent a long time playing in the snow and clicking some mind-blowing pictures of the area. By evening we returned to our campsite for another happy night in our tents. The next day, we returned to McLeodganj and ended the trek.

What I really liked about this trek was how easy and short it was. It showed me that I didn’t need a week to trek in Himachal and I didn’t need to be extremely active either. It was not too difficult, and is ideal for a weekend. It also had beautiful views, and was right in the lap of nature. If you want to explore paradise in 3 days, the Triund trek is just for you

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