Water treatment plant – Through this process, pollutants are removed from the water

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Below a shadow of any doubt, water is the most important natural resource on earth. Without water, the survival of living organisms on earth is impossible. Organizations and governments must commence focusing on providing safe and hygienic water to everyone.

One-third of the freshwater is either stored in the form of polar ice caps or icebergs and only a teeny little amount is stored as surface water and groundwater. The surface water is usually available in lakes, ponds, and rivers but due to the high number of population and developmental activities, the groundwater is getting contaminated gradually. The ever-increasing population has resulted in the availability of harmful chemicals and hazardous substances in the water system.

To prevent people from drinking contaminated water, the water treatment plant manufacturers improve the quality of water by passing it through various processes. Have you ever wondered what happens to the water and waste you flush? The effective wastewater treatment plant purifies the dirtiest water that goes back to the environment for end-use purposes.

Below are the steps that should be followed for the removal of impurities from water

Pre-chlorination: The biological growth is arrested and algae are controlled.

Aeration: Here, the air is mixed with water for the oxidation of harmful dissolved metals such as iron and sulfide along with the removal of gases such as carbon dioxide.

Coagulation for flocculation: A clarifying agent is added to the raw water which finds the heavier flocs of dirt and hence they are removed from the water.

Sedimentation: This process removes the solid particles trapped in the flocs.

Filtration: Water is passed through a filter for the removal of impurities.

Disinfection: It’s the last process that destroys the harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and other micro-organisms from the water.

The wastewater treatment helps in removing impurities and trash from households and industries. The purified water is then discharged back to the natural environment. Thus, the wastage of water decreases. The water treatment plant is an ultimate solution to water shortage.

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