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Decades ago, there was a time when people only purchased from the stores and shopping centers near their residences. Come internet, the retail landscape changed and shifted drastically, and new methods of shopping and purchasing emerged, commonly known as E-commerce these days. As the internet took hold, websites became one of the most sought-after means of gaining revenue from international customers.

Perhaps this is the reason that website localization and translation have gained so much momentum in today’s age of revolution.

A company’s website is more than just a source of company information, it is a means of connecting with the potential customers. This is why companies opt to translate their websites to reach out to maximum number of audience for a beneficial business connection.

Here are some of the best website translation service companies:

  1. Stepes:Translating in over 100 global languages, Stepes provide quality website translation services to corporate clients and customers across the world. It uses agile website translation process lends speed and scalability that results in higher revenue and conversion rates among the website viewers.
  2. Text Master:Established in 2011, Text Master is a leading website localization and translation company, offering a comprehensive solution to its customers. The company’s intuitive platform supports different website designs to fully support any language or text so customers can reach out to maximum number of website viewers across the world.
  3. Tomedes:Founded in 2007, Tomedes is one of the top translation companies in the world, translating websites in over 200 languages. The company supports comprehensive range of website translation services such as mobile site localization, multilingual social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Desktop Publishing and website research.
  4. CCJK Technologies:One of the oldest and popular names in the translation marketplace is CCJK Technologies. Founded 17 years ago, the company is well-known for its comprehensive and professional approach to website localization. The expert website translators support website translation in more than 120 languages for a seamless translation experience for helping companies gain more customers through translated websites.
  5. Gengo:Gengo is a US-based translation company offering professional website translation solution to international customers. The company uses translation management system (TMS) to automate its website translation process as well as to speed it up. Furthermore, the website translation project used by the company is simple, effective and professional for a hassle-free globalization experience.
  6. Lionbridge:Lionbridge is a translation and localization agency established about 20 years ago, and is counted amongst the top companies for website translation. The quality that distinguishes Lionbridge from its competitors is the number of languages it translates into—more than 350. The company aims to maximize the message resonance contained in the websites to gain beneficial response from international website users.
  7. EDGE Professional Translation:EDGE Professional Translations is also one of the website translation agencies that delivers quality website translation services in order to help global customers reach their target audience with ease as well as to create connections across languages and borders without any hassle.
  8. Global Translation Services:Founded 15 years ago, GTS Translation Services has been lending expert translation services to its customers, especially website users across the world. The company is headquartered in Florida and has regional offices in more than 5 other locations. Additionally, its expert translators translate in over 50 global languages for a comprehensive translation support.
  9. Rosetta Translation:One of the well-renowned names in the translation industry is Rosetta Translations, which is a multilingual solution specialist headquartered in London. The company specializes in website translation and localization services, with an aim to make the global transition of businesses an easy job. Furthermore, the company believes in delivering integrated translation solutions to all its customers, irrespective of the website type and language.
  10. Cultures Connection:

    Cultures Connection is also one of the professional website translation service companies that deliver website translation solutions to its customers in over 50 global languages. By focusing on the accurate and precise translation of website content, the company’s 750 translators ensure that globalization is achieved in minimal time and at affordable rates for a comprehensive translation experience.


According to recent statistics, 63% of customers are more likely to purchase from a website that is available in their own language. That is a huge percentage, and is a testament to the growing power that the internet has on global audience. In these times, a company not only needs to ensure all its online content is translated in the language of its customers, it also needs to make the right choice of website translator company—as it is the main source of revenue generation and brand enhancement.

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