What are the advantages of Cumaru wood decking?

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The deck is a wonderful part of the house and apart from adding beauty to your home; decks also serve as a great spot for relaxing under the sun, picnic and barbecue parties. Let me tell you that summer is the best time to get your deck done. With the sun out and the wind blowing your deck gets done in no time.

One of the most wonderful and strong wood for decking is Cumaru according to me. It is strong, attractive and durable.

In general, Cumaru wood offers style and durability. What’s more, this wood is affordable and easy to lay as you build or re-do your deck. Now we are going to get down to the specifics of why you need to know more about this one-of-a-kind decking wood.

Cumaru Decking

cumaru decking

Cumaru wood is also known as Brazilian Teak wood. Cumaru wood comes in Yellow and Red. Although the red version of this wood is what we use the most for decking purposes and also Cumaru siding makes great furnishing.

We know you may be used to hearing about IPE wood for decking jobs and it is a very good wood to use for that purpose.

However, Cumaru wood takes less time to produce and is two-thirds the price of IPE wood. That is a big incentive to offer for deck builders.

We like letting our customers know they may need to apply a careful kiln to the drying process with the wood. This helps prevent any shrinkage which may occur during dry seasons.
The rich red color of Cumaru wood, when used for decking, stands out because of its color and density.

This elegant wood has all the beauty of a hardwood floor you would use in an interior space. Except this beautiful wood is excellent outside because it is durable and weather-resistant.
If you decide to use this wood for your decking projects we are going to give you some of the top benefits it will bring you.

This type of wood resists rot. This type of wood also has long-life and durability built into it. It is decay resistant and has excellent weathering properties.

This wood is hard and strong. It has excellent longevity due to it being so stiff and firm.
It is hard to beat using Cumaru lumber for your decking when you compare prices. The wood is inexpensive when it is imported and consistently offers low prices.
Cumaru wood is diffuse-porous. It has narrow rays which are fairly close together. It offers heartwood mineral components which are confluent. It is also a large pore wood with no set arrangement.

Cumaru is also known as Brazilian teak because the tree is cultivated sometimes for its vanilla-cinnamon scented seed, which also means as you are working on the deck project you receive faint vanilla or cinnamon-like aroma.

The wood is dense and has interlocked grain. This helps make it strong and sturdy. But it also means pre-boring may be necessary when screwing or nailing the wood.

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