What is an entrepreneur

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The word Entrepreneur coined from the French word “Enterprendre”, it means to do something or to undertake.

An individual who creates the new business idea & implements the same effectively & bares the maximum risk & enjoys the rewards is an entrepreneur. In another way, we can say an entrepreneur is an innovator or creator of new products or services which is extremely new in the market. An entrepreneur is a small business owner but not all business owners can be considered as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are the one who is responsible for the implementation & success & the failure of the projects. Entrepreneurs are the decision-makers who takes the best decision of the success of the idea or the product.

Entrepreneurs can be extremely helpful to grow economy, good policies for entrepreneurs may have the positive impact on the economy as they create new services & products, which leads to the rise in employment & some entrepreneurs helps in social development as well.

Entrepreneurs never have the same plan they just do trial & run for the success of the project, which  ultimately leads to the success of the project.

An entrepreneur doesn’t have a bossy attitude, they are always comfortable & confident in uncertainty. Entrepreneurs understand very well that owning a business is rewarding & fulfilling at the same time it’s a big risk, so innovation is the best way to attain success. Let’s understand effectively What is an Entrepreneur?

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