3 things to think about before opening an online store

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Creating a website and launching an online store is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Here are three things to consider when starting an online store to get things going easily and successfully.

1. Understanding the target audience

The first thing a visitor pays attention to when going to an online store site is the price. It should correspond to the real value of the goods with minimal margins on transportation, storage, maintenance, etc.

If your price offer is too high or vice versa, it is suspiciously low in price, then you will not gain the trust of the client and will lose it already at the stage of exploring the site. It is not necessary to think that the buyer is enticed and seduced only by pleasant prices.

First of all, it is a quality product, a unique service, or, if not all of this, it’s convenient to use the service and extremely pleasant service. You must make the product selection process clear, enjoyable, easy, fast and convenient.

A system that requires too much time to choose and make a purchase, which is incomprehensible, which requires an additional search or data entry to obtain complete information about the product – only annoys users. It’s easier for the surfer to go to another site with a more understandable interface than trying to figure out yours. Even if yours is cheaper.

You need to know what your customer wants and provide him with a pleasant selection and purchase process. Unfortunately, many online stores are closed even before making their first profit, precisely because the management was in a hurry at the start and did not think through the functionality of its resource.

2. Offline representation

Not all entrepreneurs who have an online store, along with an online platform, have a physically organized outlet. Therefore, such stores indicate on the site in the “contacts” section only phone numbers and an email address, but if there is an offline store, the owners add a physical address and a map. This not only increases the total number of buyers, since not everyone likes to buy through the Internet, basing their choice solely on photos, video reviews, and text descriptions, but also increases the degree of trust in such a seller.

The presence of a real store in a specific geographical location indicates that the person has seriously approached the organization of the sales process, that his business has existed for quite some time (usually online stores are considered as a derivative of offline business) and are developing successfully.

Even the presence of a simple mailing address on the contact page makes buyers more favorable to your company. Do not be afraid to overdo it, the more information you provide to the public, the more confidence in your business will be from buyers.

3. Professionalism

Professionalism at every stage from creating a store to communicating with a customer and selling is the key to your well-being. If you feel that your knowledge is somewhere inadequate, then take care of solving this problem in advance: rest, learn, and practice. And another point that owners of online stores pay little attention to is a payment. Many businessmen do what is convenient for them: they choose one or two payment methods that they consider to be the least troublesome and most acceptable, but at the same time forget about the convenience of users.

If a person buys on the Internet, then it is likely that he prefers to pay with electronic money. Make it so that a person can pay not only by ordinary bank transfer at the details, but also by replenishing the balance of your bank card through the electronic payment system hbogo com activate, as well as by using the most popular electronic payment systems (Webmoney, Qiwi, YandexMoney, PayPal, etc.) in the most popular in your region (or the world, if you swung to trade without borders). It will not be superfluous to acquire a POS-terminal for calculating bank cards in a physical store since not everyone likes to carry large amounts of cash with them.

Please your customers, and in return they will not only actively buy, but also recommend your store to friends, acquaintances, and strangers, increasing the degree of trust in you and your income level.

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