What is Website and it`s need

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Today we are going to talk about website technology. The website is growing very fast. Today’s youth, businessmen, everyone is using the website. But this question arises in the minds of many people. What is a website?
So today we will discuss the website in detail. We will try so that no questions remain in your mind.

What is website –
A website is a group of web pages in which a lot of web pages are kept. A website is a place in which you can keep all your or your business information in one place. Like someone wants to share their knowledge, or wants to share all the information about their business to the users. Whoever wants to start their business, or is doing business. He can reach his business to the users through the website. Each website has a unique address. The website shows what you do or what you exchange. You can display your business through the website, what services do you provide?
For example – www.facebook.com, flipkart.com, justdial.com, etc. all the website has its own unique address. All have their services featured on the website.

What is a web page –
A website consists of many web pages. A web page is a document, a web page can have a lot of data available in it, which can contain Image, Animation, Text, Audio, or Video, which is written in any language. Which gives information about your business. If you want to design web pages, then you should have knowledge of HTML, CSS. It is very easy to learn. The page you are reading now is also an example of a web page.
There are 2 types of web pages.
1 – Static Webpage
2 – Dynamic Webpage

Website Contribution –
In today’s digital age, the website has its own major contribution. It is very important to have a website for doing business online. You can expand your business by website, and you can spread your business by the website through the internet. Which will increase your business and you can make more profit than you think. The website connects 2 people. We contact each other’s business by website design.

Website Designer –
The website that is created is called a website designer. This requires designing to design a good website. Which designs the logo for your business and does the designing work on your website. Such as designing images, videos and content etc. There is no definite period for website design. You can make a website from 1 day to 4 days. It depends on how many pages your website has, a normal website has 2 pages, Home Page and Contact Us. Which takes 1 or 2 days.
It requires 2 things to run the website.
1 – Domain Name
2 – Website Hosting

Domain Name –
The domain name gives your website an identity. Domain Name has to be purchased. Its registration is called Domain Name Registration. Like www.axyz.in, the domain is found only once with the same name. You cannot buy 2 domains under any one name. Like www.axyz.in cannot buy 2 domains with this name. For example – the person who has your mobile number cannot buy another person as long as he or she has you. There are many companies on the Internet that provide Domain Name and Website Hosting.

Website Hosting –
When your website is completed and ready, then space is required on the Internet to be brought to the Internet, that is, to display your website on the Internet. Through which the data of your website is protected. Who has to buy.
For example – just as the space needed to park a car, similarly space is needed to place a website above the Internet.

I gave information about the website in this post as well as the web page. Not only this, but I also told what things are needed to build a website and to run a website on the Internet. I hope you liked this post very much. Do share this post with your friends and at the same time tell me how helpful this post was for you.

How did you like my post? If you have any question or there has been an error in the post, then do let us know in the comment box.

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