What Should You Know Before Shipping Fine arts?

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Today, the art world is globalizing day by day, offering artists more exposure for their fine art collections. However, they must transport and ship their masterpiece internationally to exhibit in galleries, participate in competitions, and sell them to potential clients. Since the art pieces can be heavy and fragile, finding the right boxes that fit the size of your delicate items can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Moreover, packaging and shipping your artwork without any damage can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the number of items. No matter whether you want to ship your fine arts collection, antique glassware, or any other valuable items, you can hire a professional agency that helps you in fine art shipping in NYC. 

So, what should you know before you ship your art?

  • Timeframe: The urgency of a shipment will impact the mode of transportation and shipping cost. So, you should know the deadline for delivering your work. Shipping your items can be cost-effective if you have time for shipments. It is good to know when you need your art collection in advance. It helps your shipping service providers arrange something to combat environmental concerns and ship your art pieces separately from other stuff.
  • Customs status: Since the customs regulations for different countries can be different, it is not easy to know which procedure to follow. So, the best way to ship your fragile items is to know the current customs status and determine how they should be imported to the right destination. If you are a beginner, you can discuss it with your fine art shipping providers in NYC to get answers to all your questions regarding customs.
  • Insurance: Regardless of the item type, every item must be covered by transit insurance to ensure you can get compensation from your insurance company in case of a mishap. So, whenever you ship your items, make sure you check the transit insurance coverage.

How to ship paintings?

There are instances when you receive damaged items at your gallery. Sometimes, the artwork gets damaged despite the best efforts due to poor handling or a shipping disaster. However, this is not always the case; sometimes, poor packaging can also be the reason for damaged masterpieces. 

So, next time you have to ship your fine arts, you should hire professionals who know how to handle and pack fragile items effectively.

  • Gather information about your artwork: Packing glassware and packing a painting, both are two different processes. So, before you pack your item, make sure you learn how fragile and weak it is and how much attention it needs.
  • Pack and wrap: You should always use flat and clean material to slowly pack and wrap your paintings. However, if you are planning several paintings in the same box, don’t forget to place some fillers to avoid breakage.
  • Seal the box and put it to the test: Once you have packed and wrapped everything you want to ship, it is time to seal the box. After sealing, gently shake the box to ensure there is no space left for paintings to move or break. Once everything is done, call your shipping service provider.

The Bottom Line

It is not easy to ship fragile items, as they are prone to breakage. However, your mind can be at peace when you choose the right fine art shipping providers. So, now that you know what you should look for when shipping fragile items and how to ship your paintings, what are you waiting for? Choose reliable fine art shipping in New York and ensure all your items will be in safe hands. 

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