Where to Visit in Amritsar – Greatest Tourist Hotspots

Amritsar is a colourful Indian city boasting everything from captivating temples and museums to bustling bazaars, mouth-watering Punjabi cuisines and a whole host of other attractions; it sure is a delight for all the senses. We have shortlisted 5 major tourist attractions in Amritsar that you shouldn’t miss on a trip here…

3.It’s Home to the Golden Temple

Golden Temple

Amritsar is considered as the capital of Sikhism as it’s home to the famous Golden Temple – the world’s holiest Sikh site. This breath-taking structure is decorated with glistening marble and gold and is surrounded by a pool which beautifully reflects the temple. Book cheap tickets to Amritsar from UK and prepare to marvel at this iconic sightseeing attraction.

Jallianwala Bagh

The Jallianwala Bagh is an important heritage attraction which was the site of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919 which was one of the most tragic events in the history of India. It’s now a picturesque public garden with a memorial devoted to the victims of the massacre who lost their lives.

Gobindgarh Fort

The magnificent sandstone fort is considered as one of the top places to visit in India due to its historic importance, and it’s now a museum which introduces you to the history of Punjab with an array of artefacts, exhibits and live shows including a stunning light and sound show which covers the life and accomplishments of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Partition Museum

This is the world’s first partition museum which is dedicated to the Partition of India, one of the country’s most defining events. This captivating space educates visitors on the Partition through personal experiences with a collection of original artefacts and objects that have been donated by survivors and their families, as well as letters, newspapers, magazines and photographs.

Wagah Border

The famous Wagah Border lies between Amritsar and Lahore; it’s the only border crossing between India and Pakistan. A fun and entertaining patriotic ceremony and performance takes place here every evening before sunset to mark the borders’ closure and the lowering of the flags, which involves both Indian and Pakistani soldiers. This is a must-see spectacle.

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