Which is Better Rebonding or keratin treatment?

As the festive season is around the corner, every girl wants to look beautiful with straight hair. However, they often get confused when coming across various methods to get one.

In this article, you will find the difference between keratin and rebonding in detail and by the end will be able to decide what treatment to get.

The market is full of buzzword keratin, smoothening, Japanese treatment, rebonding, etc. but people rarely know the difference, they end up getting any treatment. Instead, they should consider certain things before going for a treatment- Hair health, hair type, expense, aftercare, and most importantly the outcome.

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Each treatment has its pros and cons, but ultimately things depend on your goal.

Keratin Treatment

Let us gain some information about the keratin treatment before you head toward making a perception.

It depends on which situation you are. Sometimes our hair is in good condition, still, you wish it to be more manageable, and keratin can certainly give you manageable hair. If you are a person who hardly finds time to unlock each strand, a keratin treatment is for you.

Keratin is a protein in hair that gets depleted when exposed to the outer environment. Keratin treatment helps to bring back the shine of hair by providing it keratin.

It is a treatment in a real sense as it fills the void left due to depletion keratin.

This treatment is apt for those who have lost the shine of hair and want to get rid of frizzes.

You will get natural-looking hair not pin-straight because this treatment will not alter the structure of your hair. Though chemicals are used in such treatments it doesn’t alter the structure- wavy, curly, etc. You will get rid of curls but the look of straight hair is natural. Many girls don’t just want to show that they undergo any treatment and all. So keratin treatment can fulfill your purpose.


Treatment like rebonding is lighter than keratin. You can opt for this treatment if your hair is not much strong.

People who are fond of straight hair can’t resist from ironing their hair. But daily ironing invites hair damage. If you fall into this category, get this treatment and dump your heating devices. You’ll get sleek, shiny, and smooth hair after rebonding. In this treatment natural structure of hair is altered to convert it in straight hair.

Rebonding makes hair super manageable; in less touch-up, you’ll get an ever-ready look.

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What to choose rebonding or Keratin Treatment

There are some pros and cons of each.  Keratin treatment has no major side-effect, however, try not to get it you don’t have good hair strength.

You are required to visit the salon frequently after keratin but not in rebonding. But avoid rebonding for a longer time; it may damage your hair.

Rebonding is cheaper as compare to Keratin. Also, the result last longer than Keratin.

Salon in Lucknow for Rebonding and Keratin Treatment

By now, if you are clear about what treatment to for, it is time to look for the best salon around you. Now, it is up to you, how much you want to invest in your treatment. Salons may vary with prize range. But the most important factor is the expert. You don’t need to find the best experts in the high prize.

For Keratin treatment in Lucknow, you must consider a few things- Location, money, and experts. The factor of location is important because you need to visit frequently for touch up. A salon near you is a good choice.

For Rebonding in Lucknow, again all factors are important except location. You can keep that factor aside because you don’t need a frequent visit to the salon. Rebonding is cheaper than Keratin; you can put some more money into it.

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