Who is an entrepreneur

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Who is an Entrepreneur

Many think businessman & entrepreneurs are the same, but they are different in many ways. Both are very different in the way they think, act & they implement. Lets deep dive into who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an initiator

No doubt we can say that the entrepreneur is an initiator and a risk-taker. Who can create something new such has products or services, he is always a beginner. Many people have different ideas but who convert that idea into reality, is an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are responsible & accountable

An entrepreneur is a responsible & accountable for their own actions & the future of the company or the project. An entrepreneur must lead everyone for the ultimate success of the project.

Entrepreneur has solutions

The entrepreneur always has solutions for any blockage or hurdle. Providing solutions for any specific problem & solving that in an effective way make a good entrepreneur.

So we can say  that the person who is a started & responsible for the future of anything which is started & providing the best solution for a problem is eligible to become an entrepreneur.

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