Why is Sapient the Most Preferred Destination for Creative People?

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Finding the right job opportunity and cracking it was never easy. A person starts his or her career with a lot of aspirations. Various factors like personal and professional growth, training, benefits and perks, work culture are essential to consider before making a final choice. The cream will be attracted to a company that can offer these factors to their employees.

Publicis Sapient is one such company. According to the recent Sapient employee feedback, this company primarily looks for people who are intelligent, creative and have a hunger to prove their caliber. It is their way of challenging the limits over and over again. And this makes Sapient one of the most desirable companies to work.

What makes people interested in working at Sapient?

Work Culture – If the Sapient employee feedback is to be believed, its work culture can be termed as its USP. The majority of the employees look forward to healthy work culture. Frequent feedback sessions, team events, and other innovative activities make working in Sapient fun and motivating. The best thing is, even the introvert employees are excited to come forward and a mix-up with their respective teams and departments. Not just activities, but their office space is also fun and comes equipped with a good cafeteria with a variety of cuisines, foosball table, table tennis, X-box, and lots more.

Work-Life Balance – When talking about the right work-life balance, Sapient is the leader. It has time and again proved its mantle in the industry. Employees are given working options like flexible working hours and work from home. It has created a sense of confidence towards the company in the minds of the employees. Most of the companies over-burden their fresher or trainee employees with extra work in abundance. But at Sapient they are fair in allocating work. They have a very open culture where the leaders are directly approachable and even sit in the bay with their teams.

Professional Growth – Every employee joins an organization to seek opportunities for professional growth and personality development. Sapient’s Human Resources team has designed various programs in this support. The majority of the Sapient employee reviews say they don’t hire employees for the support projects, but the real development projects. In other words, you can get an opportunity to work with experienced coders, once you have been enrolled in a project. Collaboration and team spirit are the primary drivers of the professional growth of an employee, and Sapient is a leading name in it. They don’t manage their employees growth but enable them to do better. They have conversations through the year to check how everything is going so they can course-correct and see how one can do better. Sapient’s L&D team also has robust development programs and Sapient gives free subscriptions to Safari Books Online/O’Reilly Books and Harvard Manage Mentor.

Web Development Department – Sapient is a leading name in E-commerce development, web development, and UX/UI development. Candidates who wish to build their career in web development prefer to start their journey from Sapient. Why? Because Sapient is a digital transformation partner, which helps the organizations in having digitally-enabled systems for themselves as well as their clients. Its web development department consists of some of the world’s best web designers. Also, employees can explore new domains of web development. They also give free trainings and certifications in various technologies like Cloud from Google & Microsoft. It can be quite refreshing!

One thing is for sure, Sapient has excellent reputation in the market. They walk the talk – using technology not only to help their clients succeed but also the NGOs they support and the internal events they organise. You will hardly find any negative Sapient employee feedback. The kind of exposure and growth development opportunities offered here is unmatchable.

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