Why opt for building certifications?

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Buildings are known to have a massive impact on the environment directly. When the construction is buildings are undergoing, many factors are taken into consideration, such as creating designs, renovation, repurposing, etc.

Buildings utilize energy, water, raw materials, and many more elements that can hamper the environment to a great extent. These facts prompt the necessity of creating building standards that can be considered “Green” certifications, rating systems, etc. aiming at mitigating such significant risk factors to reduce its impact on the atmosphere and environment.

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Sustainable designs of buildings are necessary to be implemented as it so that it doesn’t spoil the atmospheric conditions in that area.

The BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) was amongst companies to introduce rating systems when buildings were being constructed in the year 1990.

What do you mean by building standards?

Building Standards are a set of procedures and guidelines that has to be followed when you are constructing buildings. The conditions in the building standards have to be met, and there have to be specific certifications produced to the government to define the risk mitigation processes that you have followed.

You can practice a certain procedure to ensure that you are meeting all the requirements of the building standards and build a house or factory without impacting the environment. You can implement the practice in the following categories:

  •         Planning and plotting the designs
  •         Energy Efficiency
  •         WasteWater Management, Efficiency, and Conservation
  •         Material Conservation
  •         Resource Efficiency
  •         Environmental Quality
  •         Certification of Green Products

A certification is a kind of confirmation that is given to the products which met the defined criteria of the building standards. The ISO defines certification as an activity that determines the requirements are being fulfilled directly or indirectly by the contractors.

Certifications given to all the products that are used to build houses, offices, etc. are intended to confirm and determine that the products are meeting a specific standard, offering benefits to the environment. Most of the product labels, certification programs, etc. that certifies the products are based on the life-cycle grounds. These labels state that the products are not harmful to the environment, and hence, are not causing any impact to the atmosphere directly or indirectly.

All the contractors or building makers are recommended to use these products that qualify certification standards when they are building anything. These certifications are given to the products after assessing the quality of the raw materials that are used in manufacturing those products.

What do you mean by Environmental Building Certification?

Environmental Building Certification is a process to determine whether the building that is constructed is hampering or impacting the environment and surrounding negatively or not.

The certification is set at specific parameters and requires everyone to follow the standards, as mentioned in the certification formats. Many third-party certification programs are also there that helps in maintaining the records so that the environment is not getting hampered at any given time. You can also follow those standards and opt for the certification programs so that you don’t breach any codes and conducts when you are constructing a building.

Once the buildings are constructed, the verification is then by the government to ensure that you have met all the standards and principles of the certification programs and promoting a green environment. If you have breached certain conducts, you might land up into trouble as the government might impose a ban or hefty fines on you.

Therefore, you must follow the rules and regulations of high-performance building certification and comprehensive building certification when you are constructing the buildings. Besides this, using green products is also recommended so that you don’t cause any harm to the atmosphere.

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