Why should you use organic hand-made soaps instead of commercial beauty bars?

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All of us use soaps in our daily lives. We enjoy their fragrance, we love to bathe with them, and they give us the squeaky clean feel. However, did you know that the commercial bars you buy from the stores are not soaps? Yes, you read that right! Beauty bars available in the market, are much different from the organic handmade soaps. Yes, handmade soaps are natural and so much better than the ones available in the market. 

  • Soap makers will tell you that they use the finest of ingredients in the soaps to make sure that the user can enjoy its many benefits. 
  • It contains glycerin, which is a humectant that soothes and moisturizes the skin. 
  • So if you have been wondering why your skin is becoming dull and lacks that glow, then you might want to switch to organic, handmade soaps. 

Svarasya brings to you fine quality, excellent Luxury handmade soaps, which will beautify your skin. Devoid of chemical materials and fillers, these soaps are made from expensive, hard to find ingredients that make them different from everything available in the market. They are also free from preservatives and parabens, so your entire family can use it with ease. Plus, the ecological impact of making organic handmade soaps, leaves much fewer carbon footprints, which is excellent. 

  • Replete with natural glycerine, this help to smoothen the skin over time.
  •  Factory-made soaps are of course made by machines in large factories. The workers may not be in the best working conditions. In many countries, people who work in soap factories, do not get minimum wages, therefore, it is always better to support a company that believes in commercial ethics and promotes a wholesome product. 
  • Natural soaps are locally produced, they are made in smaller batches to retain their freshness. Organic handmade soaps are rising in popularity because people realize its worth and the many benefits that they provide with. 
  • The user is well educated about the ingredients added to the soaps. 
  • They are made with a  lot of care, the ingredients are properly sorted, and only organically grown ingredients are included in the making of these soaps. 
  • By using organic handmade soaps, you can keep your skin free from chemicals that are harsh perfumes. 
  • Try Svarasya’s soaps, to see the difference and you will be hooked. 

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