Why Spend the New Year’s Eve in Folsom?

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This article tells you about the reasons to spend the forthcoming New Year’s Eve in Folsom. Check out for complete information.

escape room Folsom California

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest occasions celebrated globally as it marks the end of the year on 31st December and beginning of the New Year. The celebrations begin in the evening on 31st December and usually continue till past midnight into 1st January, the first day of the New Year. It is most commonly celebrated by eating, drinking, dancing, partying, and watching or lighting fireworks.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve

However, escape rooms are a unique way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It can be a fun-filled interactive adventure for your family and friends. It also allows you to challenge your problem-solving skills. You can celebrate the New Year at escape room Folsom California as it is the newest craze across the world. Joining an escape-room game would allow you to solve puzzles and riddles, accomplish tasks in a limited amount of time and discover clues with other players. You will get to unravel mysteries and finally run away from the room.

Enjoy escape room game

If you have made up your mind to celebrate New Year’s Eve by indulging in an escape-room game this year, you will need to know the escape room locations near me for the best experience. One such venue is a building, built back in the 1800’s, now renovated into a modern facility with bars and restaurants. Located in downtown Historic Folsom, it is considered as a unique entertainment venue at present.

The venue with a difference

Though it is a 160+ year-old building, it has been completely transformed into a stylish modern facility while keeping some of the old world charm intact. As a result, it has turned out to be a truly distinctive and interesting place to have fun. The old brick and stone walls give you a feeling of yesteryear and the state-of-the art technology makes it a venue with a difference. In other words, it is a combination of tradition and the latest technology. Inside the rooms, you will be entertained with challenging puzzles and the facility is set to offer five uniquely themed rooms when built out.

The bar

The renovated facility also offers a full bar and restaurant. The bar has been entirely built by themselves, as they re-purposed some of the original wood into brilliantly designed tables and light fixtures. Once you are in the facility, you can find the unique details everywhere. The facility houses a lounge area with comfortable seating arrangements making it a nice place to relax and enjoy a meal followed by drinks. The bar has 12 craft beers on tap and premium wine which can be enjoyed from a bottle or glass.

The restaurant

Besides the bar, the restaurant offers a large variety of delicacies that include a selection of small bites, seasonal specials and dishes to share. They make it a point to serve only locally sourced fresh food that will make your adventure even more enjoyable. No matter whether you are gaming or not, the restaurant always welcomes you. Whether it is food or fun, the facility also offers something for kids. Kids can enjoy pretzel pastrami sliders, salads, butcher boards and fun eats.

You should spend New Year’s Eve in Folsom because of the exciting escape room gaming facility it offers.

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